9 Medal Winning Olympians with Asthma

I read where about 8% of the athletes who compete in the Olympics suffer from asthma.

This may seem strange since most of the sports require high levels of fitness and endurance, and asthma causes shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing. That could make a work out hard.

The good news is the record books are filled with athletes who overcame asthma on their way to victory. Asthma didn’t stop them from achieving their goals and success. Don’t let it stop you.

9 Medal Winning Olympians

Bruce Davidson  - Equestrian - Two Gold and Two Silver Medals

Tom Dolan  - Swimmer – Two Gold Medals

Kurt Grote  - Swimmer – One Gold Medals

Jackie Joyner-Kersee – Track -Three Gold, One Silver, and Two bronze Medals

Bill Koch - Skier – One Silver Medal

Greg Louganis – Diver – Five Gold and One Silver Medal

Katlin Sandeno – Swimmer - One Gold, One Silver and Two Bronze Medals

Amy Van Dyken – Swimmer – Six Gold Medals

Pete Vander Kaay  - Swimmer –  One Bronze Medal


Wishing you the best of health