Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray

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We find Allersearch's ADMS anti-allergen spray works really well when sprayed directly on furniture, upholstery, draperies, carpet (low Pile) and other like items. We use it at home on the hard to remove and wash stuff like the dust ruffle on the bed. 

Simply lightly mist the area being treated until damp. Do Not Saturate, If it is still damp after about 15 minutes you used too much.

When using it on smooth surfaces such as leather, wood or plastic it is best to spray on a cloth and then wipe down the item.

Many people like to spray their mattress and pillows with the ADMS anti-allergen spray which is fine. Just make sure they are dry before putting the sheets and pillow cases on.

Also, the ADMS spray works great in the car. I use it on the seats, carpeting and even spray a little in the ac vents.  

The directions say to apply the anti-allergen spray, let it dry and then vacuum. We feel it is best to first vacuum the item and then treat it. No sense in spraying dirt or dust.

ADMS anti-allergen spray is safe to use on any water-soluble fabric including white and other light colors. If your not sure, test it on a small piece of fabric.

Each treatment will last about 30 days. Keep the unused portion somewhere cool and dry. As with all chemicals, please keep this anti-allergen spray away from children.

Allersearch also makes a product called  ADS Anti-allergen spray. It was their original formula and while it costs a bit more each treatment lasts 90 days. It is tannic acid based so it may discolor white fabrics. You can find additional information on Allersearch ADS Spray here.

Allersearch Labs created ADMS anti-allergen spray to neutralize household allergens safety without the use of tannic acid or benzyl benzoate.

ADMS anti-allergen spray uses non-toxic natural ingredients to neutralize the allergens from dust mites, pet dander, mold, mildew and pollen and renders them non-allergic.


Adms Antiallergen Dust Mite Spray

Allersearch ADS Spray

ADMS Dust Mite Spray

ADMS  - 16oz

ADMS - Quart

ADMS  - Gallon


Buy 2-3 Bottles and SAVE $1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and SAVE $1.50 per Bottle



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