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Air Purification

Air Purification

What Every PERSON Should Know... Current research indicates that our indoor air may be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air, even in industrialized areas.

Quite Simply, this is an issue that concerns us all.

Having a bad air day? Since we spend 90 percent of our time indoors it is critical we are breathing healthy air where we live, learn and work. We are indoor air quality experts and are committed to providing you with the highest quality air purification products available. 


Let us help you solve your indoor air quality concerns by finding the right air purifier for your needs..


Like we mentioned in the beginning, you would be surprised if not shocked to learn that the air in you home is more polluted than the air just outside the door. Indoor air has dust, chemicals, pet dander, pollen mold, dust mite parts and in some cases cigarette smoke and can cause all sorts of respiratory illness and disease.


It is not necessary to have an air cleaner in every room of your house. While it would be nice if all the air in your house could be filtered, you will get the biggest benefit from having an air cleaner in your bedroom. This is because you spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in your house. Want to breathe clean air? Invest in a HEPA air purifier.


It is very important that no matter what brand of air cleaner you choose; you choose the right size for your room. You can have a machine that is too large for the room and just run it on a lower speed with no problem. However, if your machine is too small for the room no matter what speed to which you have it set, it will not be able to do the job effectively. If it isn’t going to work, then why have it?


When you start looking at air cleaners it is very easy to be confused. Some machines have a CADR (clean air delivery rate) rating; others tell you they can clean a certain square footage of space. This is also confusing because when you clean the air in a room you are cleaning the volume of air (3 dimensions) not the surface (2 dimensions) of the room.


The easiest way to determine if a machine is the proper size is to calculate how many air exchanges an hour the machine can make. If a machine can make 6 to 8 air exchanges an hour, it can keep the air clean. To calculate air exchanges, first you need to know the volume of air in the room. This is easily calculated by multiplying the length by the width by the ceiling height in the room. So, L x W x H = Volume of air in room. If you divide the volume of the air in the room by the amount of air moved by the motor you will find out how long it will take to make one air exchange.


To find out the amount of air moved by the motor, look and the machines specifications. Somewhere in the technical data will be the amount of air moved by the motor expressed in cubic feet per minute (cfm). This number is the amount of air moved by the motor expressed in cubic feet of air per minute. So for a room that is 10 x 12 with an 8 foot ceiling, the volume of the air in the room is 960 cubic feet. (10 x 12 x 8 = 960). If you are looking at an air cleaner that moves 200 cfm on the highest setting (like the Austin Air HealthMate Junior) then you can divide 960 ÷ 200 = 4.8 or roughly 5 minutes for one air exchange on high. Since there are 60 minutes in an hour, 60 ÷ 5 = 12 or 12 air exchanges an hour.


Now not all HEPA air purifiers are alike so it is important to use a system that actually cleans up the airborne particles that can lead to breathing problems for people living in the home. The air purifier should be easy to use, have easy to clean or replace filters and be built to last.


Brands We Trust and Use

Austin Air - Austin Air HealthMate HEPA Air Cleaners set the standard for all others. With a proven 20 year track record, the HealthMate line of air cleaners are designed for people that are concerned about their air quality.

Iqair - Hospitals worldwide choose IQAir more than any other air purification brand to maintain the highest level of clean air. Since IQAir's air cleaners were designed to meet the rigorous standards of hospitals, clinics and cleanrooms throughout the world just think what they can do for your home.


Airfree - Airfree air purifiers are completely silent and kill 99.99% of all airborne micro-organisms including unwanted and harmful ozone, fungus, bacteria, allergens, viruses, mold spores and more.


Airpura - Airpura air purifiers incorporate many new features and design modification that make it one of the finest specialized air cleaning systems available today. The Airpura air purification systems remove the harmful airborne contaminates that concern us all.


Alen Air - Alen® Air Purifier offers multi filtration technology; HEPA, Ionization and Activated Carbon providing the an air purification solutions for you and the environment at affordable pricing.


LifebreathUntil now residential whole-house air cleaners have not been capable of capturing the full range of health-threatening particles.


As always, if you are not sure which air purifier is best for you and your situation please give us a call at 800 771-2246. We will be glad to help!