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IQ Air

IQ Air

Hospitals worldwide choose IQAir more than any other air purification brand to maintain the highest level of clean air. In fact, during the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong, the local hospital authority chose IQAir purifiers to combat the deadly virus. Since IQAir's air cleaners were designed to meet the rigorous standards of hospitals, clinics and cleanrooms throughout the world just think what they can do for your home.


IQAir air purifiers feature superior filter technology, quality components and are built with skilled Swiss craftsmanship. Each IQAir air purifier features multi-level HEPA filtration that exceeds the air-cleaning performance of conventional HEPA air purifiers. As a result, IQAir has received more #1 product reviews than any other air purifier on the market. 


All IQAir models feature better-than-HEPA air filtration to keep your indoor environment free of allergens.  The IQAir HealthPro Plus is consistently ranked as a best buy by industry experts for allergy and asthma relief. IQAir Multigas air purifier has activated carbon filtration to combat harmful airborne odors, chemicals, and gases.


Need replacement filters? We carry all of IQAir's replacement filters including pre-filters, replacement HyperHEPA filters, and gas and odor filters for all IQAir purifiers.