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Whole House Air Cleaners

Whole House Air Cleaners

Air inside a home is almost always more polluted than air in the streets outside. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 10 to 70 times more polluted. The air inside your home may not be as healthy as you think. Your are breatrhing in two heaping tablespoons of particles every day.

The reason is that indoor air is loaded with tiny particles generated by the activities of humans, pets and insects. During the course of a day an adult breathes in the equivalent of two heaping tablespoons of these airborne particles. The more time you spend at home the more your health is likely to be affected by breathing this polluted air-bad news for the very young and the very old.

LifeBreath removes even the sub-microscopic particles

Until now residential whole-house air cleaners have not been capable of capturing the full range of health-threatening particles. The larger particles are not difficult to capture, but the far more numerous smaller particles have been an insoluble problem. Consider this - one cubic foot of indoor air may contain a million or more particles ranging in size from visible dust specks to particles so small that they can only be seen by a microscope. It removes close to 100% of coarser particles such as pollen, fungus spores, dust, animal dander and dirt; removes close to 90% of troublesome tobacco smoke and wood smoke particles and some bacteria; and even removes a large proportion of particles as small as one tenth of a micron - only visible in an electron microscope. And it does this continuously, day after day, year after year.

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