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The Allergy Store only carries time tested and effective asthma and allergy control products from Allersearch Labs, Ecology Works and DeMite. No matter if your allergy is caused by dust mites, pet dander, pollen or grass we can help you control them. 


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Allersearch ADS Allergy Control Spray

Allersearch ADS Tannic Acid Antiallergen SprayAllersearch ADS allergy spray de-activates dust mite, pet dander, pollen, molds and other allergens. ADS spray is medically proven as highly effective for breaking down these allergens into harmless materials.

 ADS spray can be used on upholstered furniture, draperies and rugs. ADS allergy control spray is tannic acid based so Do not use on water sensitive fabrics such as silk or white materials.

 Each bottle of Allersearch ADS allergy spray can treat up to 600 sq.ft. 32oz spray bottle. 

Note: ADS Treatment lasts up to 90 Days!


Buy 2-3 Bottles and Save $1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and Save $1.50 per Bottle

Article:  Dr. Oz - Your Anti-Allergy Attack Plan

Allersearch ADS Allergy Control Spray - 16 oz
Allersearch ADS Allergy Control Spray - Quart


Allersearch X-Mite Dust Mite Carpet Treatment

Allersearch X-mite powder for dust mites in carpet - Allergy Control ProductsAllersearch X-Mite dust mite carpet treatment is specially designed to rid your carpeting and upholster furniture of harmful dust mite and pet dander allergens. Each treatment provides 90 days of allergy control relief.

Just brush Xmite into the carpet, (your broom will work well) let it sit for 3 hours then remove by vacuuming. Not only will it get rid of allergens, it cleans the carpet too!

Each 1lb. bag treats approx. 150 sq.ft. of carpeting or rugs.

Buy 2 - 3 and Save $1.00 per bag.

Buy 4 or more and Save $1.50 per bag.


Allersearch X-Mite Dust Mite Carpet Treatment

Allersearch ADMS Dust Mite Spray

Allersearch ADMS Denaturing Spray - Allergy Control ProductsAllersearch ADMS is a heavy-duty anti allergen control spray proven effective against household dust mites and all pet dander.  The active ingredients work by instantly deactivating the allergen Der p1 and Der f1 found in dust mite droppings.  

Not harmful to humans, pets nor the environment. Ideal for carpets, bedding, personal vehicles, stuffed animals and other household items.

Its non-staining formulation does not contain tannic acid making it safe to use on all colors including white or off-white.

Note: Treatments last for 30 days.

Buy 2-3 Bottles and Save$1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and Save $1.50 per Bottle


ADMS Allersearch Anti-Allergen Spray - 16oz

ADMS Allersearch Anti-Allergen Spray - Quart
ADMS Allersearch Anti-Allergen - Gallon

Allersearch Allergen Wash

Allersearch Allergen Wash - Allergy Control ProductsAllersearch Allergen Wash is a super concentrated laundry detergent that washes out the dirt while removing allergens in all temperatures (cold, warm, hot). It removes dust mite allergens, pet dander, pollens, mildew and mold.

Now you can wash your most delicate fabrics with out worrying. Unlike some other allergy control laundry products, Allergen Wash is free of perfumes, dyes, and other irritants.

Just 1 capful of Allersearch Allergen Wash will launder your clothes and wash away the allergens. One bottle of allergen wash does 30 medium wash loads.

Buy 2-3 Bottles and Save $1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and Save $1.50 per Bottle


Allersearch labs - 24 oz. - Anti-Allergen Wash
Allersearch labs - Gallon. - Anti-Allergen Wash

De-mite Laundry Additive

De-Mite Laundry AdditiveDe-mite laundry additive eliminates dust mites in bedding and washable clothing that laundering in regular detergent alone does not do.

Until now the only way to rid your clothing of dust mite allergens was to wash them in hot water (140 degrees). That's great if all your clothes were white.

De-mite is an anti allergen additive that you add to your favorite detergent. This product works just as effective in cold and warm water as it does in hot.

Easy application. Fill the plastic dosage cup 3/4 full and pour it in. Each bottle treats 12-13 loads of wash.

Buy 2-3 Bottles and Save $1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4-5 Bottles and Save $1.50 Per Bottle

Buy 6 or More Bottles and Save $2.00 Per Bottle


Regular Sale
$16.95 $15.95
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De-mite Anti Allergen Laundry Additive - 8 Ounce
De-mite Anti Allergen Laundry Additive - 33.6 Ounce


More information on the difference between Allergen Wash and De-Mite



Eat My Dust®

Furniture Polish and Cleaner

Eat My Dust® is an odorless furniture polish, cleaner and dusting spray made for just for allergy and asthma sufferers. The makers of De-Mite designed it to keep dust, dust mite allergens and pet allergens out of the air.

Your furniture and paneling is left without any oily residue, like so many commercial brands, that actually helps to attract additional allergens and dust particles. Leaves your furniture with a soft velvety sheen non-aerosol pump sprayer is safe for you and the environment.

Get control of your allergies today! Comes in a 10-oz. non-aerosol pump sprayer.

Eat My Dust Furniture Polish

De-Mite Fabric Sealer

De-Mite Fabric Sealer seals dust, dust mite, pollen and other allergens into the fabric and keeping them from getting into the air. Perfect for drapes, chairs and couches.

De-Mite Fabric Sealer does not leave any residue or affect the normal feel and texture of the fabric. Virtually odorless, hypoallergenic and comes in a non-aerosol spray that is safe for you and the environment.

On major side benefit is it also helps to reduce or neutralize pet, body and smoke odors.  10-oz. non-aerosol pump sprayer.

De-Mite Fabric Sealer


Allerdust Dusting AidAllersearch AllerDust picks up dust mite allergens, pet dander, mold spores and pollens by adhesively bringing these dust particles to your feather duster or dust cloth without allowing the allergens to become airborne.

 Lightly mist AllerDust on your feather duster or dust cloth and dust away. After use, rinse duster in hot water and let dry. Next time you dust just re-apply AllerDust. 2 oz spray bottle. Easy way to control dust allergy.

Helpful Allergy Tip: Don't waste your money on special dust cloths, just use an old tee-shirt and Allerdust™ When your done toss it in the wash.

Buy 2-3 Bottles and Save $1.50 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and Save $2.00 per Bottle


Allersearch Allerdust Dusting Aid

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Spray

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Allergy SprayEcology Works Anti-Allergen Solution Spray effectively neutralizes allergens in dust mite feces, cockroach droppings, and dog and cat dander.

Ecology Works is a clear, non-toxic, stain free formula for use on all water-safe fabric colors - contains no tannic acid.  This 100% biodegradable, plant-based formulation contains no perfumes or dyes and is proven to denature protein allergens on contact. 

Simply spray on carpets, drapes, chairs, sofas or other upholstered furniture. Can also be used in hot water vacuums and washing machines. Great product for a healthy and allergy-free environment.

Ecology Works anti-allergen solution comes in three sizes, an easy to use 32 oz. spray bottle, a 3 oz. spray bottle that is perfect for traveling and a convenient 1 gallon refill.

Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Spray EW2003 - 3oz $7.95
Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Spray EW2032 - 32oz $19.95
Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Spray EW2128  - Gallon $60.95

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