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Feather Bed & Topper Covers

Feather Bed & Topper Covers

When you added that feather bed or topper to your mattress it felt so good. The problem is they can't be easily cleaned. Feather beds cannot be washed and to be cleaned they have to go to the cleaners. 


Just like a mattress, toppers and feather beds hold dust mite allergens, pet dander and pollen allergens that can cause your allergies to flair up. The good news it is as easy to fix as your mattress was.


Help protect your feather bed or mattress topper against dust mites, spills, stains and minor mishaps with one of our quality allergy proof covers. These unique covers are completely dust mite proof and feature a larger opening so it's easy to slip on. Simply unzip the cover, insert your featherbed or mattress topper, and your allergy cover protects like a pillow cover!  


Allergy Bedding SALE - Save Additional 18% on Your Order Today! Enter Coupon Code ACBS2015 at checkout. 

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