Allergy Covers For Your Bedroom

Allergy Covers are a basic necessity for allergy suffers. From the sneezing to watery eyes to congestion in both the nose and chest is a terrible way to have to live. Life can be made so much easier with less flare ups by buying these protective shields against all types of allergies. This will help the individual who suffers from these symptoms.

Mattress covers can last anywhere from five to twenty years depending on which brand and which type of materials the consumer might have chosen. They vary from a lightweight coverage up to a deluxe version. The differences between all these choices are the fiber content that protects against the triggers.


The more fiber content the more coverage and the easier it will be on the person who suffers from allergies.

Pillow Covers generally last about five to ten years depending which type of fabric you pick. They come from cotton to Pristine polyester so the varieties are endless. It has been suggested that the better the coverage the less the suffering. Quality covers will protect against dust mites and other allergens for for years to come.


The cost can get to be pretty expensive but well worth the price as they last for many, many years. It is recommended to get the best that money can buy as this protective shield can help the allergy suffer immensely. The covers can be machine washed in hot water and warm as often as needed.

Also available are covers to protect the comforter or duvet. This is a really good investment as the person who suffers from allergies will need to have as much protection against the triggers as possible. Another good thing about covering your comforter is it stays clean. It can cost you $50 to $75 to have a good comforter cleaned.


Dust and other airborne allergens land on top of bed and build up so the covers on the comforters and pillows need to be washed more often. We wash our pillow covers about every 6 to 6 weeks.

Allergy suffers can take medicines to help with their allergies but using doctor recommended  Allergy Covers will protect you against the most common allergen, dust mites. Sleep well.