Is There Really Such A Thing As Allergy Free Dogs?

Allergy free dogs may seem like an odd concept, but there are certain breeds that are recommended for households where allergies are an issue. Actually, the term “allergy free” may be a little misleading as all dogs produce allergy causing dander, but some breeds produce significantly less of it and are less prone to shedding, making them a perfect choice for hypoallergenic households.

The keys to avoiding allergies are reducing the amount of dander produced and the spread of it through shedding. For this reason, long haired breeds and breeds with thick coats that tend to shed a lot tend to be bigger allergy triggers than shorter haired breeds. Also, breeds with tight, curly coats are also less prone to shed and more fitting for allergic individuals.

Among the most popular type of dogs for allergy sufferers are terriers. That’s because there are many breeds of terrier that are known to produce less dander. These include the Bedlington, Kerry Blue and Wheaton terriers. Other terriers suggested for allergy sensitive households are the Airedale, Border, Cairn, Tibetan, West Highland White, Wirehaired Fox and Yorkshire.

Another breed known for its limited allergy causing effects is the poodle. The toy, miniature and standard forms of the breed are all much less prone to shed and produce a lot less dander than other breeds. They are also highly intelligent dogs and easy to train, making them a great choice for any household, but particularly those where allergies are an issue.

Similarly, the Portuguese Water Dog and Irish Water Spaniel are among some of the most popular dogs. Both of these breeds have thick, curly coats that are able to wick away water, a trait that is particularly helpful in their work as water retrievers. These same coats also reduce their tendency to shed and combined with their limited dander production, make them a very safe option for avoiding allergies.

There are also several species of hairless dogs, including the Mexican Hairless and Chinese Crested, who obviously remove the shedding issue entirely. These dogs may still produce dander, but it will be much less prominent and much less likely to cause issues for allergy sufferers.

For pet lovers who don’t want their allergies standing in the way of a satisfying ownership experience, allergy free dogs are the ideal choice. With allergies becoming a much more prominent problem in recent years, there are many people looking for ways to reduce their allergy symptoms without forgoing pet ownership entirely. Aside from choosing one of these breeds, there are also pet dander reducing products, Allerpet D or Allersearch ADS spray,  you can use to help you stay one step ahead of common household allergens.

Nothing can beat the feeling you get from owning a loyal and loving dog and allergies shouldn’t have to prevent you from having that experience. If you are allergy sensitive, do your homework before buying a dog and find a breed that can give you the companionship you want without exacerbating your allergy symptoms.

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Updated 08/29/20121


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