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Allerpet For Pet Allergies

If you have pet allergies, Allerpet is essential to your allergy control program. While the use of allergy control sprays will help to neutralize the allergens that your pet has already spread around your home, Allerpet pet solutions will neutralize the allergens on your pet before they are shed and cause a problem.

Don't abaondon your pets. Allerpet Pet SolutionFurry animals have a protein that is in their saliva and urine. In rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils the protein is mainly in the urine. The protein from cats is Fel d1 and the protein from dogs is Can d1. The amount of protein produced varies from animal to animal.


One cat may secrete small amounts of the Fel d1 protein and cause you little allergic reaction where another cat may produce large amounts of this protein and cause an immediate and extreme allergic reaction. There is some evidence that male cats may produce more protein than female cats.

When the animal empties its bladder or grooms, little bits of this protein will adhere to the fur and skin of the pet. Once on the fur or skin, the protein will dry up, flake off, and become airborne where it can be easily inhaled. In addition, if the protein does not fall off immediately, it will be later shed with a bit of skin (dander) or fur.

The Can d1 protein (from cats) is particularly “sticky”. This means that the protein easily adheres to a surface and is difficult to remove.

The best way to deal with these animal proteins is to neutralize them while they are still on the animal. This is where the Allerpet solution comes into the picture. This product comes in different formulations. One formula is for cats and another formula is available for dogs. It is a coat conditioner. It is not a soap or shampoo.

Before applying Allerpet, first brush the animal to remove any loose fur. Then apply the solution to a rag and then wipe it with and against the fur. Be sure to work the solution into the fur and do not just apply it to the surface of the fur. If you make application of Allerpet part of your animal’s regular grooming routine it can even become a pleasurable time for you and your pet. Apply weekly to control pet allergen.

In addition to regular use of Allerpet, the following steps will reduce your exposure to pet allergen:

  • Keep the pet off the bed and out of the bedroom

  • Have someone else clean the cat litter box or the cage for the guinea pig, rabbit or hamster

  • Vacuum regularly with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner

  • Wash the pet’s bedding weekly to reduce the amount of allergen collected there

  • Run an air cleaner with a HEPA filter

  • Always wash your hands after petting the animal or touching the pet’s toys

If you have any type of indoor allergen (whether from pet, dust mite, mold, or cockroach) you will benefit from removing carpets and replacing them with hard surface floors.


For more information on Allerpet Solutions click here.


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