Aquathin Yes Water Filter

Activated Carbon Water Filtration


Yes Carbon Water Filter

Yes Water Filter

Activated Carbon Water Filtration System


The Yes water filter is the perfect water filtration system for people that want to easily improve the overall taste, color and odor of the water they drink and cook with. If your tap water is not clear and smells then a Yes water filter is just what you need.

The Yes Filter from Aquathin has 69 cubic inches of activated carbon that will completely remove all chlorine from 1,842 gallons of water. That's a little over 5 gallons of water use per day. (Brita filter cartridges for the pitcher need to be replaced every 40 gallons and the faucet every 100 gallons). Just think, if you have water delivered that is about 368 five gallon bottles you won't have to pick up (about 7 1/2 tons).

The Yes filter installs under the sink out of the way. Each complete Yes water filter system comes with all the necessary hardware for an easy installation. The clean filtered water is dispensed from a separate water carafe making it easy for you to fill up the coffee pot or get water for the pasta. If the water for the icemaker/water dispenser comes from under the sink you can add a tee and get clean water for the refrigerator too!

Yes Water Filter

Application Drinking water, icemakers, cooking
Weight 3 1/2 lb
Pre Filter #60 Mesh stainless steel screen prefilter
Post Filter 5 Micron post filter
Filtration 69 cubic inches of high grade, high absorption, fine grain, granular activated carbon
Pressure Test 100 PSI Factory Tested
Capacity Will completely remove all chlorine from 1,842 gallons of water where chlorine level is .5 ppm
Warranty 1 year parts except for modular changes


YC-1 Complete Yes Water Filter $169.95

YR-1 Replacement Water Filter $99.95

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