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Carbon Monoxide Test Kit

Prolabs Carbon Monoxide Testing Kit


2 Reusable Sensors Per Kit

Simple easy to use carbon monoxide test buttons. Simply place them in  any area and they will quickly let you know if any carbon monoxide is present. It can detect what you can't.

What  is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas which is caused by incomplete combustion of fossil fuels from

  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Natural Gas
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Fuel oil, wood or coal and any other type of fuel.

It is estimated that carbon monoxide causes as many as 1,000 deaths per year in the United States.

Carbon monoxide gas can be emitted by

  • Starting a car in the garage with the door closed

  • Generators

  • Gas hot water heaters

  • Working fireplaces

  • Gas heaters

  • Gas stoves

  • Gas or oil furnaces

  • Kerosene or oil space heaters

  • Gas clothes dryers

  • Gas barbeques

If you have any of the above situations, then you and your family are at risk of suffocating to death by INVISIBLE and ODORLESS CARBON MONOXIDE GAS!

Recommended test areas are: homes, kitchens, furnace areas, garages, cars, RVs, campers, boats, airplanes, wood stoves, fireplaces, space heaters and water heaters.

How fast does the test kit sensor work?



600 ppm (.060%) 1-2 minutes
400 ppm (.040%) 2-4 minutes
200 ppm (.020%) 4-15 minutes
100 ppm (.010%) 15-30 minutes
50  ppm (.005%) 30-45 minutes

Note: Reaction time is slightly faster when damp, and slightly slower when dry.

Caution: The carbon monoxide test kit's sensor button will be damaged by halogens, ammoniac and nitrous gases. Keep away from cleaners, solvents and other contaminants. Harsh direct sunlight will bleach out sensor button and shorten useful life.

Order a carbon monoxide test kit today and breathe easier knowing that you are safe! Two reusable sensors per kit.