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Are you or someone else suffering from cat allergies?... It's not the cats fault.


Most people think their cat allergies are a result of direct contact with their cat. The real problem is the cat's saliva, which dries leaving behind the protein antigen 


These allergens (saliva and dander) are very lightweight and are easily airborne. Once in the air, the allergens (cat dander) spread to clothes, furniture, walls, carpeting and any other household item.

The key to dealing with cat allergies is getting rid of or neutralizing the allergen in the dander.


These products have been used by people like you for years because they really work!


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The AllerpetŪ Solution

Allerpet/c cat dander removerSpecifically made for people who suffer from cat allergies. Allerpet/C gently cleanses the cat's hair of the cat dander and saliva, both of  which are considered the prime reason people have allergic reactions to cats.

Just rub Allerpet/c, 100% safe for your cat, into the coat of your cat using a washcloth. Rub the fur in both directions but don't soak the cat. Once you are done just them off with a towel. Simple..Safe..Effective

 AllerpetŪ is non-toxic and completely safe to use on kittens, cats and other small furry animals.  Apply about once a week.




Allerpet C Pet Solution for Cats

Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray

allersearch adms cat dander spray

Ideal for carpets, furniture, beds and any other place your cat may be hanging out. If you suffer from cat allergies, you need to use ADMS Spray.

Allersearch ADMS anti-allergen spray effectively destroys allergens from cat dander as well as dust mites, pollens, mold and mildew, that cause allergic reactions, on contact.

ADMS anti-allergen spray is a non-staining formula that does not contain tannic acid or benzyl benzoate making it safe to use on all colors including white or off-white. Safe for you, your pets and the environment.

Spray a fine mist of ADMS anti-allergen spray on a dry surface, just enough to dampen the fibers, let it dry for 1-2 hours and then vacuum.

Re-treat every 30 days.

ADMS Allersearch  Spray - 16oz
ADMS Allersearch  Spray - Quart
ADMS Allersearch  Spray - Gallon Refill

Customer Comments

The ADMS spray for the house works great! I spray it all over my sons bed in the morning and also on the floor (the cats are no longer allowed in there but they still sneak in sometimes). I keep forgetting to use the stuff to rub on the cats though! I'll have to do that tonight while I'm thinking about it.

Thank you for the follow up.

Abby C.

I bought these products because my nephew was visiting for the Holidays at my Mother's. She has a cat and he is very allergic. We kept the cat in the kitchen for a few weeks. We sprayed the house with the ADMS product and my nephew was very comfortable in the house for the week.


Baton Rouge, LA

The spray and cat wash worked great!!! I can sit on my couch without having an attack. Its been a few weeks since I sprayed and bathed the I am going to go ahead and treat my furnature again tomorrow. Love the product. It is the only thing that has ever helped me. Thank you! I will be a customer for life!!


We bought the allerpet for cats because my new step son and family were coming to our house for our wedding. We have three cats and he has a server cat dander allergy. We used your product, a hepa air filter and cleaned the bedroom where they would be staying.

He actually was better with his cat allergies in our house than in his own pet free home in Ohio. Amazing. He told his wife that if they could keep a cat that allergen free they could get one for their little boy - who absolutely loved ours. Thanks for a great product, advice and service.
 Key West, FL 

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More Information on helping control your cat allergies.

  • Keep the cat out of the bedroom and off the bed. Your bedroom is your "safe room".

  • We know it is hard to keep them out of the bedroom, when they get on the bed, wash your sheets with Allerwash to removes the allergens.

  • Use ADMS denaturing sprays on upholstered furniture and drapes.

  • Dust all furniture, vacuum all floors and carpeting and clean any other place that may hold allergens.

  • Cat dander sticks to walls. Either wipe them down or repaint them.

  • Use a HEPA air cleaner in the bedroom. Keep it running 24 hours a day.

  • Keep a good filter in your air conditioner or furnace..

These are just a few less dramatic means to improve or eliminate you allergy symptoms. Your doctor may recommend the use of medications or immunotherapy.

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