Change Pad AC Filters

Change pad a/c and furnace filter systems are up to 30 times more effective at removing airborne contaminants than those cheap "blue" disposables air filters you buy at the grocery store.

Let us custom make your change pad filters for your heating and air conditioning system. A good filter is a must have for people who suffer from allergies.


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Change Pad AC FilterChange Pad Frame A/C and Furnace Filter System incorporates a permanent rugged aluminum retaining frame. Pads are made from Dry Tack Polyester and contain an anti-microbial agent which is effective in limiting mold and mildew growth.

Each pads system comes with with the aluminum frame and 12 pads.

Potential relief for allergy and asthma sufferers because the absolute change pad a/c filters are effective in trapping pollen, mold, bacteria, dust, pet dander and many other airborne contaminants, they can potentially reduce or eliminate allergy and asthma symptoms.

  • The Allergy Store has designed its Change Pad Frame Filters as “drop-in” replacements for your existing disposable filter. You won’t need to make any modifications to your  equipment. No tools needed.

  • An epoxy coated metal retainer supports the media on the air leaving side

  • Custom-fit pads are available packaged from 1-12 each

  • Easy to use and maintain. Just remove the old pad and drop in the new one. Takes about 1 minute.

NOTE: Please state the filter dimensions you need in the comments section of the order form.

Maximum Width of 24"

CPF - Up to 24" X 30" $79.00
CPF-L - Over 24" X 30" $89.00

Replacement Pads

NOTE: Please state the filter dimensions you need in the comments section of the order form.

CP - Up to 24" X 30" $5.50
CP-L - Over 24" X 30" $6.75




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