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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System


The Aquathin 100+24K, 600+24K and 1200+24K water purification systems have been designed to produce anywhere from 200 to 1200 plus gallons of pure water per day for commercial application. These reverse osmosis units  are built with the same pride, integrity and unique design, inherent to all Aquathin products.


The small compact design provides the same production capabilities of the larger bulkier RO systems without taking up valuable space.


These units are perfect for applications such as bakeries, restaurant, labs, grocery produce sprayers and any place that needs large volumes of purified water.


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Sodialite Synchronmatic 2000 Series Water Conditioner



The Sodialite Synchronmatic 2000 Series commercial water conditioner fits the bill for the big jobs. The Synchronmatic are designed to provide water free of calcium and magnesium. No more hard water.


The 2000 Series are built for commercial applications and can be manifolded together for higher flow rates on uninterrupted softened water. The perfect system for hospitals, laundries, restaurants, car washes and any other place that needs soft water.


Also available for High Flow demand for waterlines of 1 1/4 " and flow rates of 37 gpm to 48 gpm.




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