Controlling Allergies Made Easy

Allergy control is a very common issue, as more than 50 million people in the U.S. alone are regularly diagnosed with allergies. They are the single biggest cause of doctor’s visits and more prescriptions are written for allergy related medications than for any other kind of medication. With the economy in such a fragile state, spending that kind of money on a regular basis is becoming a real hardship for many.

That’s why preventing allergies by controlling their source is such a vital step. By spending just a few dollars on various allergy control products , you can avoid spending thousands on doctors and medications. It’s a pretty good trade off, especially when it also means that you’ll be able to live allergy free and enjoy your environment instead of having it make you miserable.

Allergies are the result of a malfunction of the immune system that causes the body to respond to harmless proteins as if they were a threat. Once they are identified as a threat, the body begins to produce histamines, resulting in a range of symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes and stuffy nose. It can be a miserable way to live and therefore allergy control can be an important step in improving quality of life for the allergy sufferer.

The most common sources of allergens are certain food products, dust mites, pet dander and pollen. Food products generally cause an adverse reaction when eaten and these types of allergies can be controlled simply by avoiding the food in question. For airborne allergens, it may be necessary to rely on allergy control products to help minimize problems.

There are a number of products available to help with allergy control, including AllerDust spray and De-Mite laundry additive. Products like these work to remove allergens from fiber-rich surfaces. Furniture, carpets, draperies and bedding are the biggest culprits when it comes to the spread of allergens. A quick spray with an anti-allergy product can neutralize the effect of any allergens present.

Using allergy control products in the laundry is another way that you can eliminate dust mites and dander to keep these allergens from spreading. Simply do your laundry as you normally would and add in an allergy fighting additive or laundry detergent  and your clothes and sheets will come out looking and smelling fresh and 100% free of allergens.

Carpets and draperies should be vacuumed once a week to prevent the build-up of allergens and bedclothes should be stripped and washed once a week as well. If you can stay one step ahead when it comes to allergy control, you’ll be much better off in the long run. You’ll feel better and you’ll see the difference in your pocket book as your medical expenses are greatly diminished.

Allergies are something most of us deal with on a regular basis, but they don’t have to take over your life. With just a few small steps and a couple of dollars, you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing your home is allergen free. Don’t take chances with your health, take the smart approach and say goodbye to your allergies for good!

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