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Demite Fabric Sealer

DeMite Fabric Sealer

Fabric Sealer 10oz



Some things just won’t fit in the washing machine. That’s where De-Mite Fabric Sealer comes to the rescue.

Fiber surfaces collect allergens. That is why it is important to wash every 7 days in 140 water. But how are you going to get that couch, loveseat, or decorative pillow in the washing machine? You can’t, but you can safely seal dust and other allergens into the fabric so they do not become airborne.

De-Mite Fabric sealer encapsulates dust and seals it to the surface so that it cannot be airborne. If it isn’t airborne, it can’t be inhaled.

This non-aerosol spray is odor-free and leaves no residue. Safe for most surfaces. We do not recommend the use on suede leather or silk).

Great for non-washable draperies too!

Demite Fabric Sealer 10 oz

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