Vix-One Disposable Nebulizers

Disposable Nebulizer


Vix-One Disposable Nebulizer Kits

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This latex-free nebulizer is the perfect choice for small volume nebulizing.

The Vix-One has a low residual volume which means less medication is wasted. The closed design allows more medication particles to be delivered deeper into the lungs for maximum therapeutic effect.

Universal fittings allow it to be used with most manufacturer’s masks. No need to open neb cup to add medication! This disposable nebulizer gives you the flexibility to nebulize more in positions. Can effectively nebulize at up to a 45 degree angle.

Each nebulizer is good for up to 15 treatments, when properly washed and rinsed after each treatment.

Includes complete kit, tubing, mouthpiece, and medicine cup.

Buy 5 or more and save!

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