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U2™ Sports Mask

 Sports MaskIdeal for Most Outdoor Sports Vigorous sports such as dirt biking, running, motocross requires keeping out dirt, dust or pollen but also needs good air flow. The 2 Sports Mask is perfect for winter sports such as skiing, snow boarding and snow mobiling. The mask tempers cold air inhalation which helps to relieve dry throat you can get during your winter activities.

Outstanding Air Flow  "Mu Two" is a new patented respirator which uses the long lasting Micro Air Screen filtration material which allows for easy breathing. Other dust and sports mask manufactures tell you that hard labored breathing is an advantage: "simulates high altitude training". Why do you want to breath any harder than you have to?

Keeps out Dirt, Dust and Pollen The U2 Sport mask keeps out all allergens like dust, dirt. mold and pollen. You don't need to be sucking in these allergens as you give it your all.

Permanent Filter Material The U2 SportsMask utilizes the Micro Air Screen filtration material, NOT some filter medium, so it does not get clogged and does not have to be continually replaced. No replacement filters are ever necessary.

Easy to Clean U2 Sports mask with the Micro Air Screen material is built into a nylon faced neoprene face cover. Super easy to clean. Simply rinsed off in the sink and let it dry.

Pliable Aluminum Nose Clip 2 uses an aluminum clip to closely seal the mask around the bridge of the nose. Will not slip.

Adjustable Fitting The U2 Sports Mask uses a Velcro band for comfortable and easy adjustments.

Available in two sizes - Medium (Women) and Large (Men)

U2 Mask - Black


U2 Mask - Lt Grey $29.95
U2 Mask - Real Tree Camo $29.95
U2 Mask - Royal Blue $29.95
U2 Mask - Military Camo


Qmask Dust & Pollen Mask

sport dust maskIt is great news for dust and pollen allergy sufferers.
It is ideal for...

Outdoor activities - hiking, gardening

House cleaning

Dusty work environment

Medical environment

Allergy Sufferers

  • Utilizes MicroAirScreen filtration material which allows for easy breathing.

  • Uniquely designed for comfort. Comfortably fits from nose to chin. 

  • Reusable and washable - Wash with mild soap.

  • Tight fit keeps out dust, pollen and mold spores.

  • Glasses will not fog up.

  • No Latex.

  • Soft touch elastic trimming and ear loops.

All masks are not alike. The Qmask filter is made from a special medical type synthetic micro monofilament material with precision micropore openings. This material does not degrade or support bacteria growth like  natural fibers do. Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes with a carrying case.





The Vogmask protects you from harmful airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, grass and mold spores with a bit of style. 

The Vogmask is just right for taking a walk, leisure bike ride, traveling or anywhere else you need protection. They designed the Vogmask to be effective and stylish. No need to look like you just came from the operating room.

The filtering material on the standard mask is a non-woven microfiber material which filters out 99% of particle over 3um. The Organic Cotton masks uses a certified organic cotton filtering material. One Size Fits All.

Standard Styles - Pink, Blue With White Stripe, Purple, 8 Bit

Organic Style - White, Grey and White

One Size Fits All

Vogmask Dust Mask



N95 Disposable Bird Flu and Influenza Mask™

The N95 Alpha Mask is a "disposable” type of  respirator that is designed for surgical and other medical procedures and protection against viruses and bacteria. It also is great for use in filtering out dust, pollen and other allergens. The particle filtration efficiency rating for the N95 is 99.9% at 0.1 microns.

The benefits of N-95 disposable Particulate Respirator:

One Size-Fits-All  - This unique design feature permits the respirator to be "custom fit" for virtually any face shape or size.

Integral Magic Arch - Unique larger breathing chamber with no restriction of downward vision like duckbill or cone masks.

Positive Facial Lock - Provides total facial closure.

Latex Free

The new N95 Alpha Mask™ protects against Bird Flue Mask

  • Bird Flu

  • Influenza (Flu) H1N1

  • Viruses

  • Bacteria

  • Mold Spores

  • Tree, Grass and other Pollen

NIOSH Approved TC-84A-0457 the N-95 Particulate Respirator with Magic Arch and Positive Facial Lock  meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control. Each pack contains 2 disposable masks.


N95 Alpha Mask™



3M Dust and Pollen Mask

Provides Relief in Hot, Humid Environments

Great protection for yard work, vacuuming and driving in polluted areas. The N100 dust mask from 3M gives your workers added comfort and protection. Patented one-way Cool FlowTM Exhalation Valve reduces heat and humidity for extended comfortable wear. Easily adjustable nose clip helps provide a secure seal against the face.  One size fits all. Recommended for applications involving particulates that do not contain oil. Good for 150 hours of use.

NIOSH Approval No. TC-84A-1299

N100 3M Dust Mask



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