De-Mite Eat My Dust Furniture Polish and Cleaner


Demite Eat My Dust Furniture Polish

DeMite Eat My Dust

Furniture Polish 10oz


Clean, polish, dust and get rid of allergens all at the same time! De-Mite Eat my Dust is odor-less, non-greasy product makes dusting a snap. Dust, pet fur, allergens, and other particles stick to your duster and don’t fly in the air.

Standard polishes can leave behind an oily residue that actually attracts dust and allergens causing them to build up on your furniture, paneling, and wood floors. De-Mite Eat My Dust is a non-aerosol cleaning agent that has no fragrance or odor.

Just spray a little bit of De-Mite Eat my Dust on your cloth and clean and polish knowing you aren’t sending particles into the air. Can be sprayed directly on furniture and paneling. We recommend that you spray it on your dust mop to clean and shine wood floors.

De Mite Eat My Dust Spray 10 oz

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