HEPA Air Cleaners are Important

Now days we are hearing dire reports about the poor air quality outside but would be shocked to learn that the breathing conditions in their own homes or office are much worse than some parts of their polluted city.

Allergies and Air PolutionIndoor air has dust, chemicals, pet dander, pollen mold, dust mite parts and in some cases cigarette smoke and can cause all sorts of respiratory illness and disease. For people with asthma the problem may cause them to experience an asthma attack.

A HEPA air cleaner, that utilizes an advanced filtration system, can help clear the indoor environment and keep breathing conditions at safe levels.

Cleaning up the environment in the home is the most important step a homeowner can take in order to make indoor breathing conditions at safe levels.

Too many people live with sinus disorders, headaches, and even fatigue syndromes, because they breathe dirty air every day and night in their own home. Offices too but we will discuss that later.

One cause of unhealthy air is dirty air ducts which can spew out dust, mold, dust mite feces and other allergens. The ducts in the home should be inspected about every 3-5 years and filters should be cleaned or replaced every month. You may notice a big difference in the home once ducts are clean and new filters installed.

When the system is cleaned and HEPA air cleaners are used, the indoor breathing conditions improve drastically. Listen to our podcast on what to look for when having your ducts cleaned.

Another problem that leads to poor breathing conditions is that most buildings are breeding grounds for mold. Mold spores grow because of the readily availability of mold in the environment. Bid time problem in South Florida.  Mold spores are microscopic in size and are easily inhaled into the lungs. Once the mold builds up in the lungs mold can cause respiratory illness and disease.

The truth is that people get used to poor breathing conditions in their home over time. We don’t notice the way the air smells in our home but we do in our neighbors. But once the home is cleaned up people seem notice the difference and then refuse to live without a filtration system.

Now not all HEPA air cleaners are alike so it is important to use a system that actually cleans up the airborne particles that can lead to breathing problems for people living in the home. The air cleaner should be easy to use, have easy to clean or replace filters and be built to last.

Many people find out that one of the benefits of using an air cleaner is that they sleep better at night. Poor breathing conditions prevent people from sleeping soundly because their sinus and air passages are clogged by microscopic particles, dust, mold, dust mites, etc, that they breathe in at night. Once you get use to a HEPA air cleaner filtering the air and you sinuses are no longer clogged which allows you to breathe better you will wish you had made the investment earlier. People who start using heap air cleaners learn what a sound night of sleep feels like when they wake up refreshed in the morning.

Having a HEPA air cleaner is one of most effective ways you can keep indoor air quality clean and healthy. Like I said in the beginning, you would be surprised if not shocked to learn that the air in you home is more polluted than the air just outside the door.

We carry several different brands of HEPA air cleaners including Austin Air Healthmate, Alen Air, AirPura and LifeBreath

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