True Clean House Wash

Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner




True Clean House Wash

TCEX House Wash

All Purpose Cleaner

32 OZ Spray Bottle


1GL Bottle




The most versatile cleaning product we sell. This concentrate all purpose house wash has no added fragrances or masking fragrances. It contains no solvents, has no odor, and is completely chlorine and phosphate free. It's Biodegradable.

The concentrated formula can be diluted for cleaning everything from walls to coffee pots. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Can be used in pressure washing units to clean exterior walls and will not harm shrubs.

Use 64:1 in your carpet cleaning machine for carpets and rugs that are not only clean but odor free. Use 8:1 for general household cleaning. Dilute 4:1 for heavy-duty cleaning. Can safely be used on most surfaces. Do not allow to dry on glass surfaces or hazing may occur. Great for cedar, aluminum, vinyl, porcelain, tile, wood and other surfaces.

Replace all those bottles of cleansers under your sink with this versatile concentrate.

  • Can be used with a pressure washer

  • Can be used with or without bleach

  • No hand scrubbing is needed even on oxidation

  • Can be used in a hand pump sprayer

  • A gallon cut 40:1 will wash 8800 square ft.

  • Removes all chalking, oxidation, mildew stains, tree stains, dirt

  • No scrubbing necessary

TCEX-Q House Wash 32 oz Spray Bottle $11.95
TCEX-G House Wash Gallon $25.95