M1 Sure Cote Mold and Mildew Sealer

Replaced By MX3 Sealer

Sure Cote is a clear non-yellowing , non-toxic, odorless, interior/exterior, mildew MX3 MOld Sealer (Surecote)resistant coating. It is designed to protect any surface exposed to moisture, high humidity or weather. Will not discolor, stain, stiffen or harm any surface which it recommended for use and gives year round protection.

Sure Cote  is excellent for use by those who suffer from allergic reactions mildew & musty odors such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinusitis, etc. It is mildew resistant and eliminates musty odors from any surface instantly, making breathing enjoyable again.

We have used it on patio furniture, siding, doors, tents, fence, crawl space, deck and shower and it has done a great job. When used in spaces that do not come in contact with rain and sunlight the treatment lasts for over 2 years.

Sure Cote is easy to apply.  Just spray (garden or hand sprayer) or wipe it on any clean surface.  Apply a generous coat and allow it to dry on surface. Do not subject coated surface to moisture for 4 hours. If there are any runs, they should be wiped smooth.

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MX3-G Mildew Resistant Coating 1 Gallon $21.99

MX3-Q Mildew Resistant Coating 32 OZ Spray Bottle


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