Feather Your Bed With A Quality Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers can be a real lifesaver for individuals whose mattress is preventing them from getting a good night’s sleep. Too often, a mattress can fall short of fulfilling your needs, whether it is too hard, too soft or lumpy. Buying a new mattress may not be financially feasible, many costing thousands of dollars, but you can find a solution at a fraction of the cost with a mattress topper.

There are many different kinds of toppers depending on your specific needs. Individuals who need a firmer surface may opt for memory foam or latex toppers, which can conform to any body shape or size for maximum support. Those who want a softer sleeping surface may instead turn to featherbeds or pillow top style toppers.

Whatever the case, the end result is always getting the best night’s sleep that you possibly can. And this is extremely important, as a proper amount of sleep is vital to maintaining good health. Lack of sleep, or sleep that is not restful, can lead to a host of physical (including allergies) and emotional problems as well as increasing your stress level. I don't know of anyone who needs more stress

Like mattresses, toppers come in a variety of materials, including completely organic options for those who are allergy sensitive or simply concerned with sustaining the environment. Made from organic cotton, wool or latex, these featherbeds and toppers provide you with a natural barrier against dust mites and other common allergens. And because they are produced without the use of toxic chemicals, they are safe for you and the environment.

Toppers are easy to install. Simply buy one that is the same size as your mattress and lay it on top of your mattress. We do recommend covering it with it's own cover or in most cases with the same dust mite cover you already have on your mattress. The key to using your existing cover is to make sure it is not too tight. Put your fitted and flat sheets on the bed and you are done. The difference won’t be visible but you’ll feel it every time you lay down and get exactly the amount of support your body needs.

It’s important to remember that toppers, whether foam or featherbeds, are meant to be used on mattresses that are in good pretty shape. Mattresses already showing signs of heavy wear will not be improved a lot by the use of a topper. Sometime it is just best to go ahead and buy a new mattress, FYI. If you already have one and you do buy a new mattress by all means pet it on your new bed.
Some toppers can also retain heat, making beds warmer than standard beds, which can be an issue for some sleepers. We have heard these type of complaints from people who got the foam type.

In general, though, mattress toppers are the simplest and easiest way to correct a less than perfect mattress. Rather than endure the expense of entirely replacing your mattress, you can save yourself time, effort and money by investing in a quality topper for your bed. Your whole body will appreciate the difference that real support can make.

Don’t assume that a good night’s sleep is out of your reach. Your health is too important to ignore, so do yourself a favor and find a mattress topper that works for you.

Wishing you the best of health



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