Moisture Absorber

Removes Excess Moisture and Odors



Do you have some places in your home that always seem to feel damp or have sort of a musty smell to them? Places like crawl spaces, closets, basements, cabinets or storage spaces. If so one of our Moisture Absorbers can help.


The spill proof design of the moisture absorber traps and holds excess moisture from the air while the activated charcoal eliminates odors. Less moisture means less mold and mildew which results in fewer allergens to aggravate your allergies and asthma.


The 13.5 oz Moisture Absorb:

  • Absorbs moisture and dehumidifies, preventing mold & mildew
  • Helps prevent growth of allergens that cause allergies
  • Combined with activated charcoal to absorb odors
  • Spill proof Moisture Tramp ™ packaging uses a one-way membrane to trap moisture inside the pack and doesn’t let it out keeping children, pets and belongings safe.

The simple design allows you to see when the product is used up making it convenient and easy to dispose of after use. The formula is non-toxic, septic safe and friendly to the environment.


Each Moisture Absorb™ eliminates odors and moisture from a 12'x17' foot room (approximately 200 sq.ft..) Can last up to 75 days. Unlike other absorbers their is no need to cut bags and pour in chemicals. Simply peel off the foil top and replace the lid. Compare to DampRid and save.


MAT  Moisture Absorb™   - Single Trap $6.99  
MAT - 3  Moisture Absorb™   - 3 Trap Pack $15.99  

Manufactured by Oxford & Hill Home Products, LLC

 800 771-ACHOO (2246)

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