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Vital-Oxide Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial and Disinfectant  Spray

Vital-Oxide Mold And Mildew antimicrobial disinfectant spray controls mold and mildew by oxidizing it instead of bleaching it and is highly effective at eliminating odor-causing microorganisms.

Vital-Oxide has undergone a battery of tests at both major universities and private labs proving its effectiveness and safety. Vital-Oxide is EPA registered and USEPA registered (82972-1) as a "Broad Spectrum Disinfectant -Cleaner" .

Vital Oxide Mold And Mildew antimicrobial spray is colorless, odorless and will not harm water-safe fabrics

Vital-Oxide antimicrobial spray is so mild, you can wash your hands in it, but it’s tough on mold, mildew and bacteria anywhere it is found! Vital-Oxide can be used in showers, bathtubs, under sinks, on kitchen counters and diaper changing tables. It is the perfect antimicrobial spray, instead of chlorine bleach products,  for schools, nurseries or daycares. No job is too big or too small for Vital Oxide. 

Vital Oxide is the safe and effective solution for mold removal, odor control, green cleaning, and broad spectrum disinfection.

The Benefits of using Vital-Oxide antimicrobial spray.

  • Destroys mold on contact.
  • Prevents mold from coming back by inhibiting microbial growth for up to seven months, even in the wettest areas.
  • Kills a wide array of dangerous viruses and bacteria like MRSA, Salmonella, Influenza viruses, Norovirus, Legionella pneumophila, and E coli..
  • Eliminate odors at the source not cover them up with some funky fragrance - it eliminates them on a molecular level.
  • A green, environmentally safe alternative to chlorine cleaners and disinfectants.
  • No harsh chemical odors or by-products.
  • 100% biodegradable.

The reason Vital Oxide antimicrobial spray is an environmentally safe alternative to chlorine cleaners and disinfectants is the active ingredient is chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide has absolutely no chlorine smell and has been used in disinfecting water supplies for decades. In fact the primary by-product of chlorine dioxide breaks down to simple salt.

Vital-Oxide comes ready-to-use. Simply spray, lightly scrub to remove stains, rinse with water, and re-spray for protection.



VOG Vital Oxide Antimicrobial Spray 1 Gallon $37.95

VOQ Vital Oxide Antimicrobial Spray 32 OZ Bottle


VOQ Vital Oxide Antimicrobial Spray 3 OZ Bottle $7.95

MX3 Mildew Resistant Sealer

MX3 mildew sealer is a clear non-yellowing , non-toxic, odorless, interior/exMX3 Mold and Mildew Sealerterior, mildew resistant coating. It is designed to protect any surface exposed to moisture, high humidity or weather. Will not discolor, stain, stiffen or harm any surface which it recommended for use and gives year round protection.

MX3  is excellent for use by those who suffer from allergic reactions mildew & musty odors such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinusitis, etc. It is mildew resistant and eliminates musty odors from any surface instantly, making breathing enjoyable again.

MX3 mildew sealer is easy to apply.  Just spray (garden or hand sprayer) or wipe it on any clean surface.  Apply a generous coat and allow it to dry on surface. Do not subject coated surface to moisture for 4 hours. If there are any runs, they should be wiped smooth.

Replaces M1 Surecote Mildew Sealer

MX3-G Mildew Resistant Coating 1 Gallon


MX3-Q Mildew Resistant Coating 32 OZ Spray Bottle


TruecleanEX House Wash

Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner

Proven by Contractors to be The World’s Finest!

“The World’s Finest & Most Versatile All Purpose Cleaner, Carpet Shampoo, Spot Remover, Odor Remover and Pressure Washing Liquid.” A concentrate that dilutes up to 64:1 with water to perform 101 jobs in and around the house.

With its great penetrating power it works fast & easy in performing almost any interior/exterior cleaning job from delicate velour to concrete drives. Works great on cedar, aluminum, galvanized, vinyl, stucco, fiberglass, masonite, plastic, & painted wood. Also perfect for  cleaning autos, boats, campers, mobile homes, RV’s as well as painted or unpainted wood, metal, brick & concrete. To use, cut 1 part cleaner with noted parts of water - 2:1, 8:1, etc.

TrucleanEX House Wash is a water reducible, odorless, biodegradable, industrial strength cleaner. Contains no solvents, phosphates, abrasives or chlorine. For use in carpet shampooers, pressure washers, hand pump sprayers, and hand cleaning. Reduced 8:1 with water it makes an excellent all purpose cleaner. Cleans better, faster, easier, & lasts longer than any other cleaner.
HWG All Purpose Cleaner 1 Gallon $25.95

HWQ All Purpose Cleaner 32 OZ Bottle



Mold & Mildew Test Kits

Know for sure!

Prolab Mold Test KitsMedical studies have found that mold & mildew are the #1 cause of allergic symptoms. The black mold Stachybotrys found in home, office and school environments has been linked to fatal pulmonary disorders.

Our simple do-it-yourself test identifies dangerous molds & mildew within 48 hours. Each mold gives you the ability Easy to follow instructions included with each test kit. 

Optional lab analysis is available, which indicates the exact count and type of mold & mildew present.

PRO-LAB's Mold & Mildew Test Kit utilizes patented laboratory analytical method for accuracy and reliability. 


MO109 - Mold & Mildew Test Kit



Not all molds can cause health problems and not all health problems seemingly mold-related are caused solely by mold. Here are questions on the basics of indoor mold and its known adverse effects and answers from Sandy McNeeI, research scientist for the environmental and occupational disease control division at the Department of Health Services, and Dr. Jay Portnoy, a spokesman on indoor mold for the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology:

Q. What is mold?

A. Molds are a type of fungus. They produce tiny spores to reproduce. When these spores land on damp areas Indoors, they may begin growing. They can grow In areas that are not readily visible, such as between furniture and walls. You can control indoor mold growth by controlling the moisture in your home.

Q. What should I do if I suspect mold exposure is affecting my health?

A. You can take these measures:

  • Clean contaminated areas with dish detergent mixed with water and wipe off the mold. Wear protective clothing, Including rubber gloves for particulate removal (available at hardware stores). If the contamination is severe and cannot be removed by cleaning, you may need to replace the contaminated part.

  • Check and repair any moisture seepage or leaks. if your symptoms persist, ask your primary care physician for a referral to an allergist who can treat you appropriately.

  • Get a referral to a reputable environmental health specialist who can visit your home.

  • Get more information from the Environmental Protection Agency:

Read More - Fighting Toxic Mold


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