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Forget About Vampires and Zombies, Dust Mites are Scary
I went the the local Boy Scouts Haunted Forest once and will never do that again. I mean, dark, haunted, and out in the woods! Scary! But what is really scary is right there in your house and in your bed. And you sleep with these terrors every night! Dust mites are scary. view more»
Tengo bichos en la cama? Entérese cómo lo tanto, no vuelva a ocurrir
¿Cómo se las chinches? Es, el AM no es tan sencillo una respuesta como usted podría pensar. La gente tiende a asumir que resultan bichos de la cama de un hogar mal estado o las condiciones miserables de vida, pero que, el AM no es realmente cierto. view more»
How to Stain Concrete Floors
Staining can be an exciting way of livening up an otherwise dull concrete floor. With more people trying to save money and get rid of carpeting because they have allergies, the popularity of stained concrete is on the rise. view more»
What are Bed Mites
The most common "Bed Mite" is the house dust mite but there are several others that can make life hard. view more»
A Guide to Allergy Elimination
Allergies affect over 50 million people in the United States. Allergy and asthma account for over 10 million office visit per year. So you see, if you suffer from allergies, you are not alone. view more»
What Is Allergy Bedding
Specifically, we are talking about especially designed zippered covers for the mattress, pillow, box spring and duvet. If you have dust mite allergy, these covers can be the difference between waking up feeling well or waking up knowing it is going to be one of those “allergy” days. view more»
What are Dust Mites and Dust Mite Covers?
If you were recently diagnosed with an allergy to dust or dust mites, your doctor has recommended that you encase your mattress, box spring, and pillow with dust mite covers. What are dust mites? Are all mattress covers dust mite covers? view more»
How to Neutralize Refrigerator Odors For Good
One question we often get asked is " What do you have that gets rid of the odors in my fridge?" Amazingly, the foods that spoil the fastest outside of the refrigerator are responsible for most refrigerator odors. view more»
Why Do I need a Mattress Pad?
Most people buy a mattress pad because they either have a new mattress that they want to protect or because they're looking to make their old mattress more comfortable. view more»
Transform Your Air From Achoo to Awesome
For many people, fall is a welcomed season of the year. It’s time for kids to go back to school and for everyone to enjoy cooler temperatures and outdoor activities. Yet for many people it can bring bothersome allergy symptoms. view more»
5 Ways to Keep Bed Bugs at Bay
You can run but they can hide. The problem with bed bugs is that most people don’t think about them until they are a problem. And if you wait until you have bed bugs, well that’s a problem. Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate. You may want to run away from home, but they will just hide; waiting for your return and their next meal. view more»
Does Nasal Irrigation Really Work?
No one wants to have a runny nose or a stuffed-up head. If fall allergies have you down, think twice before you reach for antihistamine or decongestant drugs. There’s an all-natural and inexpensive treatment that really works. Try nasal irrigation at home and get relief quick. view more»
Living With Cat Dander Allergies
It has been estimated that over seventy percent of homes have at least one pet, and also that one in ten adults suffers from dog or cat dander allergies. view more»
What Are the Best Cat Breeds For People With Pet Allergies

Are you a cat lover who also suffers from pet allergy? There are certain breeds of cats that you may be able take home. These cat breeds are considered hypoallergenic (no such thing!) and are known to rarely trigger allergy attacks.

view more»
Do Dust Mite Covers Really Work
The simplest answer to that question is YES! The effectiveness of using dust mite covers in reducing dust mite allergens is one of the few things we can get most of the doctors we deal with to agree on. view more»
How To Prepare For An Asthma Attack
When Asthma Strikes Be Prepared. How to prepare for asthma attack may sound like an unusual concept to consider, but proper preparation can actually mean the difference between life and death. Asthma attacks can come on suddenly and range from mild to severe, so the more you can stay on top of your symptoms, the better off you’ll be. view more»
What Are Bird Mites?
What are bird mites? That’s a good question and one many people who have come in contact with the pests would like an answer to. Some of our customers get them confused with dust mites. view more»
How Do They Test Infants For Allergies
For the most part, testing in infants is the same as it is for older children and adults. Depending on the type of allergy that is suspected, your doctor can use either a skin test, blood test or other testing method to determine the trigger. When performed by trained personnel, testing is quite safe and it is the first step toward effective treatment. view more»
How to Remove Mold From a Hard Surface
When cleaning mold, you are concerned with two aspects. First, killing the mold and second, removing the stains left by the mold. Many people attempt to do this with liquid chlorine bleach and by accident create and inhale chlorine gas, damaging their lungs. There is a much easier and safer way! view more»
Dummies’ Guide to Nasal Irrigation for Pollen
Step by Step Guide for Nasal Irrigation for Pollen, Dust and Other Allergens. This is what you’re here for; the fool-proof, step by step guide. We promised; we deliver! view more»
What are the Differences Between De-Mite Additive and Allersearch Allergen Wash
For years, doctors have recommended that people with allergies wash their bed linens weekly in hot water to remove household allergens such as dust mites.Unfortunately, “hot” water means water that is 140°F or higher. In most cases this is a temperature cannot be had at home with residential water heaters. Now what? view more»
What Are Air Cleaners

If you have allergies or asthma or are just desire improved indoor air quality, then you have probably considered the purchase of an air cleaner. There are so many makes and models on the market choosing one can be overwhelming. Many people give up the search because it is just too confusing.  We hope to educate you so that when it comes time to buy a HEPA air cleaner, you will make the right choice.

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Best Air Cleaners for Smokers

Most of our regular customers have respiratory problems. People with conditions such as allergies, asthma, or chronic bronchitis do not tend to be smokers. For a person with allergies or asthma, the main concern is the removal of particles. Cleaning the air for smokers is more complicated. 

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Get Relief from Seasonal Allergy Using Nasal Irrigation
Every spring and fall, tens of thousands of people suffer from allergic rhinitis caused by pollen in the air. People refer to this as “hayfever”, “rose fever” and “seasonal allergy”. view more»
Spring Allergy Cleaning - Tackle the Bedrooms

If you are going to do that annual deep clean, one of the most important rooms in the house is the bedroom. Because bedrooms have so many fiber surfaces they really collect dust and other household allergens. So, it is important to give them a good clean, but you have to be careful how and when you do it.

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