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Don't Let Them Stop You! Allergy Travel Tips
Don't let them stop you! The summer vacation season is here, it is time to start thinking about ways to allergy proof your vacation. Amid your dreams of relaxation and family fun, don’t let memories be tainted by frustrating allergic reactions and trips to the drug store or worse, the hospital. view more»
Summer Skin Care Tips
Memorial Day week-end is just around the corner. That is the official start of the summer season and time to think about summer skin care. If you ignored your skin this winter, it is already dry. view more»
Pure H2O - The inorganic minerals that line a thirty-year-old plumbing pipe will eventually line ours.
A gentleman said to me in the middle of a recent business meeting, one that seemed to be going nowhere, "O.K., AIf, what's the bottom line?" My response was so off-the-wall that he didn't know whether to laugh, act insulted, or just leave my office view more»
What is the Best Air Cleaner

If you have allergies or asthma or are just desire improved indoor air quality, then you have probably considered the purchase of an air cleaner. There are so many makes and models on the market choosing one can be overwhelming. Many people give up the search because it is just too confusing.  We hope to educate you so that when it comes time to buy a HEPA air cleaner, you will make the right choice.

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How to Stain Concrete Floors
Staining can be an exciting way of livening up an otherwise dull concrete floor. With more people trying to save money and get rid of carpeting because they have allergies, the popularity of stained concrete is on the rise. view more»
Can Allergies Cause Headaches
Not all allergy sufferers have frequent headaches, but many do. Over the years, a number of scientific studies have shown a link between allergies and headaches. view more»
Why Do Dust Mites Cause Allergic Reactions

Dust mites are incredibly ugly and if they were visible to the human eye, we would all be horrified to know that our homes are full of them. Ever wonder why they cause allergic reactions in some people?

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How to Reduce Your Exposure to Allergens
If you have allergies, you aren’t alone. There’s a crowd in the doctor’s office because allergies and asthma account for over 10 million visits to the doctor's office every year. If you want to cut down on the doctor visits reduce your exposure to allergens. Here’s how. view more»
Seasonal Shedding: How To Handle The Extra Fur
If you have allergies, you probably associate springtime with pollen. However, that is not the only allergen in the air! Soon, your pet will be shedding so much that your fur balls will have fur balls. It can get so bad that the hair rolls across the floor like tumbleweeds. It does not have to be that way. view more»
Spring Allergy Cleaning - Finally the Living Areas
Spring cleaning comes from a time when we relied more on wood, oil and coal burning sources for heat. By the end of winter, after a home had been closed up for months in an effort to keep it warm the air was stuffy and most surfaces had accumulated ash and soot. Warmer days meant a time to open the windows and doors and scrub away soot, ash, and dust. view more»
Spring Allergy Cleaning - Kitchen Cleanup
Ack! Spring cleaning the kitchen can be such a big job that it can tire you out just to think about it, much less do it. But, if you have a strategy, a plan, and the right tools, it doesn't have to be so bad. view more»
Spring Allergy Cleaning - Tackle the Bedrooms First

First things first. If you are going to do that annual deep clean, the most important rooms in the house are the bedrooms. Because bedrooms have so many fiber surfaces they really collect dust and other household allergens. So, it is important to give them a good clean, but you have to be careful how and when you do it.

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Spring Has Arrived and So Have the Allergies

Spring is in the air, warm weather is here for many and for others its' just a few short weeks away. The down side is the airborne allergen levels are going through the roof. For Allergy sufferers April truly is the cruelest month for allergy sufferers, bringing nasal-assaulting tree pollen along with all those lovely spring flowers.

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What are Dust Mite Covers?
If you or someone in your family is diagnosed with an allergy to household dust or dust mites, your doctor’s office has advised you to cover your bed in dust mite covers. Allergists, immunologists, and family physicians may differ in their treatment of allergy symptoms. However, the one thing on which they all agree is the need for dust mite covers for your bed. view more»
Where Do Dust Mites Live?
Where do dust mites live? That can be a more complicated question to answer than you might think. The easy answer is in bedding, mattress and pillows and that’s generally true, but mites can be found in other parts of your home too. view more»
Flea Allergy Dermatitis
Does your dog or cat have an area of their body that they lick constantly? Do they chew and pull and tug at their fur? Does your pet scratch and scratch and scratch? Have they licked or chewed at one spot so much that the fur is gone and the skin is inflamed and even possibly bleeding? view more»
What does hypoallergenic really mean?
Hypoallergenic is a term you see used to describe everything from skin care cream to laundry detergent and even cats and dogs. If it’s hypoallergenic it’s got to be good, right? How well do you know what the term means? Try this quiz. view more»
5 Highly Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dust Mites
Here’s 5 highly effective ways to get rid of dust mites and 1 method for avoiding them completely. We don’t recommend all of them, but they will all work. view more»
How Allergies Affect Your Eyes
Allergy symptoms can be more than sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, or runny nose. Allergies can affect your eyes as well. view more»
Can’t Shake that Winter Cold? It May be Winter Allergies

Did you wake up this morning with a runny or stuffy nose? Have you had sinus congestion, sneezing or wheezing since last fall? The kids get blamed for bringing home a constant stream of colds from school or daycare but the real culprit may be allergies; not colds.

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The Art of Staying Warm – A Winter Bedding Primer
January is upon us. There’s no doubt that winter is here. Awake or asleep, staying warm is a priority. When it comes to winter bedding, the options can be bewildering. Here’s your primer on winter bedding materials. view more»
3 Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep Winter Skin Blues at Bay
There’s a chill in the air these days so you turn on the furnace and gradually your skin feels dry, causing an uncontrollable urge to itch. Many refer to this as ‘winter itch’. The combination of low humidity and indoor heat produces dry air. Hot showers or baths add to the loss of natural oils that protect our skin from dryness. view more»
Top 5 Allergy Relief Products
There are many types of allergy relief products on the market. Some are remarkable for how effective they can be in bringing relief to allergy sufferers. Some excel at reducing the amount of cash in your pocket much not much else. If you want the largest amount of improvement in your allergy symptoms then focus on these top performing allergy relief products. view more»
What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a chronic condition that is characterized by inflammation of the skin. Like asthma, eczema can be controlled but not cured. Symptoms, flares or outbreaks are more common in children than adults.

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Dust Mites And Asthma: The Deadly Connection
Can dust mite allergens trigger asthma attack? The answer is a resounding yes. Not only can these microscopic pests cause giant problems for asthmatics, they are actually the most common cause of allergy-induced asthma in children and adults on the planet. view more»

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