Don't Let The Heat Get To You

We have been getting quite a few calls from customers that are really worried when they turn their heating systems on for the first time. They are worried because all of a sudden the house smells like dirt, mold and in some cases smoke. The good news is that in most cases is there is nothing really wrong.
What happens is that during the summer when the AC is running the heater coils get coated with dust and when the dust gets damp mold will grow. Now when you crank up the heat for the first time the dust and mold starts to burn off causing the air coming from the ductwork to stink. We have a real problem with this in South Florida during the winter.
First, if you have a service contract with an air conditioning company where they will come out a couple of times a year to check your system, ask them to clean the heater coils. When we had our service company it took us no time at all to pull out the coil and blow it off with compressed air. 
If you don't have a contract or don't want to pay for a service call you can just let the coil clean itself. Open your windows and turn on your heat and let it run for about 20 minutes. If they are really dirty you can expect the house to stink for an hour or so.
Some have said it smelled like something was on fire when they turn on the heat. In the 7 years we only saw one case where the coils caught fire. It was caused by a small piece of paper that had somehow gotten stuck on the coil. It did not damage anything.
So, don't let the heat get to you, or in this case the smell. A good time to clean the system is before it gets cold and you need it.


So, don't let the heat get to you, or in this case the smell. A good time to clean the system is before it gets cold and you need it.

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