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Tired of spending your money just hiding smells with expensive, synthetic chemicals? Now you can Stop!

Zeolite - All Natural Volcanic Odor Control

Discover the power of Zeolite, all natural odor absorber and eliminator. Zeolite volcanic odor eliminator rocks and powder are 100% non-toxic to people and pets. A true "Green" odor control product.

Zeolite Odor Control ProductsZeolite is safe, effective, and completely reusable for years. If you want to eliminate the odors and not just cover them up, then Zeolite is the way to go.

When placed in direct sunlight for approximately 1 day, Zeolite expels the contaminants that it has absorbed, virtually recharging the Zeolite for another 6 to 8 month cycle.

Zeolite, the natural odor control, gives you mega odor control in the home, office, shop ... anywhere!

Super Odor Eliminator

Tough odors need a tough odor eliminator, and nothing's tougher on odors than Zeolite Super Odor Eliminator. Zeolite odor eliminator pebbles trap odors from smoke, pets, ammonia, gasses, formaldehyde, urine and more.

Zeolite Odor Control - RocksZeolite is non-toxic and all natural volcanic rock, so its safe for children and pets. Put anywhere around the house. Super Odor Eliminator is perfect for boat heads, RV's, car trunks, cabinets, closets, garages and restaurants.

Zeolite Odor Eliminator can be used anywhere. Put a 1 lb bag in the vegetable/fruit crisper and your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh much longer. Put a bag in the freezer and the ice smell and tastes better.  Put one in the bottom of the trash can in the kitchen.

Each 2 lb bag covers approximately 50 sq.ft.

ZS1 Super Odor Eliminator, 1lb. $11.95
ZS2  Super Odor Eliminator, 2 lb. $14.95


The zeolite is helping tremendously. I'm very sensitive to odors and frequently get headaches because of them. Even though I clean often and have an air cleaner in each room, I couldn't get rid of some odors. Once I got the zeolite, the odors disappeared.

The most impressive change was in my Grandmother's room, who lives with us. She has a multitude of problems and she needs a portable toilet in her room. As a result, it smells horrible in there. Once we put the zeolite in her room, the smell vanished.


Super Carpet Deodorizer

Zeolite Carpet PowderTake musty, smoke and pet odors out of all types of carpeting with Super Carpet Deodorizer.

Permanently removes the toughest carpet odors in your home, business, boat or car.

Easy to use, just sprinkle the fine Zeolite carpet powder into your carpeting and it does all the work. Let it sit of 3 to 4 hours and then simply vacuum your smelly problems away. Available in 32oz. containers.


ZSC - Super Carpet Deodorizer, 32 oz $13.95

Super Cat Litter Freshener

Zeolite Cat Litter Odor Control"Oh, so you have a cat..." Just sprinkle a bit of this Zeolite product in your cat's litter box and your guests think you gave the cat away!

Odorless Super Cat Litter Freshener is guaranteed to keep litter boxes and the surrounding area fresher longer than cat litter alone.

Also works great in bird, guinea pig, rabbit and hamster cages. Even works in horse stalls (bulk available, call). Sprinkle some in your vacuum's cleaner bag to eliminate the dreaded vacuum bag odor. This product is not reusable. Available in 32 oz. shaker containers.

ZSL - Super Litter Freshener, 32 oz. $13.95


Zeolite are natural wonders and the only known negatively charged minerals in existence. Pet, smoke, food and other bothersome odors, which all naturally "ride along" on positively charged dust particles, are actually trapped inside the Zeolite rock. Good Bye Odors.


Allersearch Odor Neutralizer

Allersearch ODRX odor neutralizerAllersearch ODRX is a heavy duty odor neutralizer formulated to eliminate, not cover up, the toughest odors for all washable surfaces.

Odors are eliminated at their source and the scientifically crafted formula continues to work with a long lasting residual effect.

ODRX odor neutralizer eliminates odors caused by organic decay, animals, mold, mildew, smoke, sewage and chemicals.

ODRX odor neutralizer can be directly applied to the surface or used as an additive to clean and deodorize floors, walls and ceilings. 32 fl.oz per bottle.

ODRX odor neutralizer works great on and in:

Pet odors Carpets


Litter boxes Boats
Cars Dipper pails
Basements and more...


Allersearch  Odor Neutralizer 32oz Spray Bottle $17.95
Allersearch  Odor Neutralizer Gallon Refill $46.95


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