Organic Replacement Baby Mattresses

Organic Baby Bedding


Our organic infant and baby mattresses are perfect replacements for the cheap vinyl foam mattresses. Give your baby a safe, comfortable mattress for his or her first months of life.


These organic baby mattresses are available in the most popular sizes. Our organic wool topped mattresses feature our organic merino wool to resist urine and accidents over 2" of pure natural rubber.


Easy to care for. Made in the USA.  Provide your baby a safe and comfortable bed without fear.

These organic mattresses are safe. We always recommend the use of a wool puddle pads to keep your baby and mattress dry.


OCM-Cradle 18" x 36" x 2" Mattress $174.95
OCM-Porta Crib 24" x 38 X 2" Mattress $219.95
OCM-Baby Bunk 15" x 35" x 2" Mattress $159.95
OCM-Stokke 21.5" x 47.35" X 2" Mattress $179.95
OCM-Sleigh Bed 21.5" x 31" X 2" Mattress $169.95

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Each meets the same demanding standards as all of the products sold by the Allergy Store.