Organic Cotton Baby Mattress Pads

Organic Baby Bedding


Quilted crib baby mattress padsA 100% organic quilted cotton crib and infant mattress pads will protect your child and provide a level of safety not available in a vinyl or plastic pad.


Organic fibers never off-gas breathable toxins, or irritate your baby's sensitive skin.


Each organic baby mattress pad has a  silky sateen cotton outer layer and filled with 14 oz of organic cotton per square yard so it's nice, thick and absorbent.


Fits standard baby mattress sizes and provides a level of cushion very much desired. No straps or sides to fiddle with.


Machine wash and dry as you would any fine organic cotton fabric. Add a splash of distilled vinegar for increased absorbance and softness without use of harsh chemical softeners.


We recommend adding one of our organic wool moisture pads to use in combination for the perfect liquid protection for any baby, crib, toddler, or child's mattress.


OCMP-CB Crib - Organic Cotton Mattress Pad 28" x 52" $101.99
OCMP-CD Cradle - Organic Cotton Mattress Pad 18" x 36" $52.99

OCMP-PC Portacrib - Organic Cotton Mattress Pad 24" x 38" $69.99

OCMP-BB Baby Bunk - Organic Cotton Mattress Pad 15" x 35" $49.99

OCMP-ST Stokke - Organic Cotton Mattress Pad 26.75" x 47.35" $109.99

* We recommend you use it over a organic wool moisture pad for maximum comfort, safety, protection and peace of mind.  


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