The Ins And Outs Of Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses are becoming more popular as consumers become more aware of the importance of using organic materials and relying on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The advantages to these mattresses are many but the biggest is the fact that you and your family can rest easy knowing that you aren’t being exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals.

How can a mattress possibly be toxic? It may seem like an outrageous concern, but it’s more critical than you think. Most standard mattresses are made with fabrics treated with petrochemicals. These chemicals are being released as you sleep, seeping into your body through your pores or being inhaled directly. This can result in a number of health issues affecting the lungs, heart and other systems.

This especially worrisome for parents with newborns. There have been studies on both sides arguing that the chemicals used, fire retardants, in many crib mattresses may cause SIDS.

From the environmental point of view, not only may these fibers pose a health risk to you, they are also destructive to the environment as the manufacturing process releases these same toxic chemicals into the air. And non-renewable energy is expended at the same time, which further denigrates the environment. Organic mattresses, on the other hand, are not only healthier but better for the environment as well.

Made from 100% certified organic materials, including cotton, wool and rubber, these mattresses are produced using environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques that in many cases rely on sustainable energy sources. The end products, including mattresses, mattress cores and pillow tops, are produced without the use of chemicals and pose no direct health risk whatsoever.

Beyond the environmental impact, these are also extremely comfortable mattresses  that offer great support and even regulate body temperature. Wool does a nice job in regulating your body temperature that is one of the reasons we really like our wool comforter. Organic mattresses are the answer not just for individuals with allergies but also for anyone who is concerned with maintaining the environment and protecting their family from the effects of man-made chemicals.

The cotton used in organic bedding is certified to meet organic standards. That means it is grown, harvested and manufactured without the use of pesticides, making it safer for the environment and for your family. Wool used for this purpose is also certified and is actually proven to naturally wick away moisture, helping to regulate body temperature. Organic wool is also naturally flame resistant so it doesn’t require treatment with flame retarding chemicals.

Organic mattresses can contain cores made of naturally processed rubber. This rubber, made from sap collected from rubber trees in much the same way maple syrup is collected from maple trees, is then naturally processed into a unique bedding core. Natural rubber is not only resistant to dust mites, it also limits mattress distortion caused by body movement, which results in some of the best support any mattress can provide.

When you consider the alternatives, there is almost no good reason not to try 100% organic bedding, including mattresses. It’s the completely natural answer to getting a better night’s sleep and to protecting the environment. And that can translate into sweet dreams for you and your whole family.

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