Organic Merino Wool Mattress Pad

Our Merino wool mattress pads are filled with our exclusive USDA certified organic Merino wool and covered with 300 thread count certified organic cotton jacquard. It does not get any more natural than that.

Organic Merino Wool Mattress PadOrganic wool mattress pads provide a soft, breathable foundation for sound sleep. Wool is absorbent, breathable and naturally resistant to mites, mold and bacteria, offering relief from night sweats or temperature changes. Our merino wool mattress pad is also ideal for “hot” sleepers and more humid environments.

Designed to be placed on top of your mattress, the 1 1/2" thick pad will provide just that extra amount of comfort and support you may be looking for. 30 oz per sq. yard wool fill.

Fits all Mattress Sizes - durable elastic corner straps to keep pad secured to the mattress.

Care: Set it out in the sun and let it air out once a month. The sun naturally revitalizes and disinfects wool bedding. Spot clean with a soft brush and mild detergent and water. Allow product to air dry completely.  Do Not Machine Wash.

Benefits of Wool:
  • Free of all toxic chemicals, washed in high-temperature water and soap.
  • Organic merino wool is a natural temperature regulator fiber with the ability to wick away moisture from the body.
  • Wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter without overheating.
  • Wool is that it is naturally resistant to fire, mold, mildew, and dust mites.
  • Last for years and years when properly cared for. Wool out-performs other fibers used for bedding. Our wool comforter is over 6 years old and looks and feels great.
  Size Fill Wt   Price  
SBOWMPT Twin Size 4.5lbs 39 X 76 $209.00
SBOWMPF Full Size 6lbs 54 X 76 $259.00
SBOWMPQ Queen Size 7lbs 60 X 80 $279.00
SBOWMPK King Size 9lbs 78 X 80 $299.00

SBOWMPCK Cal King 9lbs 75 X 86 $299.00