Organic Wool Moisture Pads


Organic Wool Crib Moisture Pad

Accidents and Spills – No Problem


Certified organic moisture pad is the purest we can find short of organic. Our unique moisture pads are made from untreated wool from Pacific Northwest free range sheep. The sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. They free range graze on lush fields that is not treated with pesticides or herbicides. This pure wool is felted here in the United States to create a perfect pad to resist liquids. Softer than competitor wool pads so you don't get that itchy feeling. No treatments, no plasticizers.


 Rest well knowing your infant, toddler or pre school child is protected in their sleep by an Organic wool moisture pad.

Crib Organic Wool Moisture Pad - 28" x 52"

Very rarely is a crib or toddler bed soaked with urine. Should such an accident occur your child will be comfortable knowing that this Organic  wool moisture pad has safely resisted or absorbed the moisture and that no smelly bacteria are growing while the mattress is fully protected.

The baby, the furniture and the whole family benefits. Spills are easily and harmlessly cleaned away. Naturally hypoallergenic, resists dust mites, mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Simply hand wash in a mild wool cleaner and air dry.

OCCMP 28"X52" $99.00


Porta Crib Organic Wool Moisture Pad – 24" x 38"

Organic Porta Crib moisture pad is easy to clean, store and use again and again. When it gets wet simply rinse and dry out. Naturally dust mite, mold, mildew and bacteria and flame resistant.

Perfect size, take it with you in the diaper bag when you think your baby may be sleeping in a place other than their own crib. Protect both your baby and the mattress or bed of a friend or family member from natural accidents or whatever.

OCPCMP 24"X38" $69.00


Fitted Organic Wool Crib Moisture Pad

Wicks Moisture Away

Pure Organic wool specially felted in the United States to protect against spills, accidents and random acts of wetness. Water, urine and spills bead up for easy wipe down cleaning. Since urine is nearly sterile it dries with no odor because Organic wool is naturally bacterial resistant. Bacteria growth causes most urine odor.

Fitted to surround the top, ends and sides of your child’s crib mattress to better resist dust mites and allergens. 1/8th inch thick for comfort, safety and your child’s advantage.

OCFCMP Fitted $219.00


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