Organic Wool Porta Crib Moisture Pad


PortaCrib Organic Wool Moisture Pad 



Porta Crib Organic Wool Moisture Pad



Our unique Certified Organic porta crib moisture pads are made from imported lambswool. The sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. no antibiotics, no musling, treated humanely. 

This pad is perfect to take when you visit family and friends. Should such an accident occur your child will remain comfortable and the mattress will stay dry. Organic wool moisture pads safely resists the moisture and no smelly bacteria is growing. 24" x 38"

Since urine is nearly sterile it dries with no odor because organic wool is naturally bacterial resistant, so only wash id soiled.

  • Made from 100% wool

  • No dyes, chemicals or other treatments

  • Machine washable

Machine washable. Hang dry. Do not use chlorine bleach.