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It is hard to be allergic to your pet, a family member. We understand the problem  and offer  several solutions.

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The AllerpetŪ Solution

For people who are allergic to Cats and Dogs.

Allerpet C (cat) & D (dog) Pet SolutionDo you itch or get hives after you touch your pet? Do your eyes get puffy and red? Do you get a stuffy nose after petting your pet?

 Has your doctor said you suffer from a pet dander allergy?

Allerpet pet solutions, Allerpet/C for cats and Allerpet/D for dogs, gently cleanses the hair of allergens and dander. Both of theses allergens are the prime cause of allergic reactions to pets.

AllerpetŪ Pet Solution is non-toxic and completely safe to use on kittens, puppies, cats, dogs, rabbits and other small fury animals.

Just rub AllerpetŪ Pet solution into the coat of your cat or dog with a cloth or rag to remove allergy causing allergens and dander. Can be used after and in between baths. Allerpet MSDS

Buy 2-3 Bottles and SAVE $1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and Save $1.50 per Bottle


Allerpet D Pet Solution for Dogs
Allerpet C Pet Solution for Cats


We bought the allerpet for cats because my new step son and family were coming to our house for our wedding. We have three cats and he has a server cat dander allergy. We used your product and cleaned the bedroom where they would be staying.

He actually was better with his allergies in our house than in his own pet free home in Ohio. Amazing. He told his wife that if they could keep a cat that allergen free they could get one for their little boy - who absolutely loved ours.

Thanks for a great product, advice and service.
 Key West, FL 

Allersearch ADMS  Spray

Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen SprayThis anti-allergen spray uses an oxidizing compound that destroys allergens from pet dander on contact.

Its non-staining formulation does not contain tannic acid or benzyl benzoate making it safe to use on all colors including white or off-white. ADMS™ can be used safely on surfaces that are water safe.

Ideal for carpets, bedding, personal vehicles, stuffed animals and other household items. Non-Staining formula safe for all water-safe surfaces.

Treatment Application: Spray a fine mist of ADMS to dry surface in a sufficient quantity to dampen the external surface fibers of item being treated. Allow treated surface to dry for approximately three hours. Once surface is dry, vacuum to pick up any excess residue.

Re-treat surfaces every 30 days for optimum treatment benefit.

Buy 2-3 Bottles and Save $1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and Save $1.50 per Bottle


ADMS Allersearch Anti-Allergen Spray - 16oz
ADMS Allersearch Anti-Allergen Spray - Quart
ADMS Allersearch Anti-Allergen Spray - Gallon

Allersearch Pet +

Allersearch Pet Plus Pet ShampooAllersearch pet shampoo neutralizes pet dander to help control allergic reactions and the residual deodorizing formula keeps your pet smelling clean and fresh longer than other pet shampoos.

Allersearch pet shampoo also protects from fleas and ticks.  Allersearch pet shampoo conditions the coat keeping it soft, shiny and healthy-looking.

Non-toxic, non-allergenic formulation for allergy and asthma relief. 16 fl.oz per bottle.  

Buy 2-3 Bottles and SAVE $1.00 Per Bottle

Buy 4 or more and Save $1.50 per Bottle


Allersearch  Pet+ Shampoo $13.95

The Pet Machine

Designed specifically for pet owners. Austin Air has assembled a filter to trap the allergens caused by pets (dog dander, cat allergens, bird feather dust, etc.).

The Pet Machine™ uses HEPA technology to trap airborne dust and dander. While the Special carbon blend will help reduce many pet odors that linger in the air.

Every minute, over 250 cubic feet of air passes through 15 pounds of Activated Carbon and over 60 square feet of True Medical Grade HEPA, providing air so clean it could change your life and how you sleep. If it doesn’t, Austin Air will refund your money within 30 days.

The Pet Machine™ addresses the complete spectrum of air cleaning, removing sub-micron particles, noxious gases and chemicals. Austin Air’s 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides of The Pet Machine™, passing it through a 4-stage filter.

The result, more clean air delivered faster and more efficiently than any other air cleaner on the market.

60 square feet of true medical HEPA filter medium with 15 lbs. of specialty Carbons/Zeolite Blend  Reduces odors caused by pets and other chemicals, gases and odors (e.g. ammonia and sulfuric acid) 3 speeds and 360 degree air intake for optimum filtration
Cleans up to 1,500 square feet twice per hour Virtually maintenance-free
Air flow from 75-400 cubic feet per minute Easy roll casters make it portable.
45 pounds. 14/5"x14/5"x23.5"



Black White Sandstone Silver Blue


AAPM - Austin Air Pet Machine


More Austin Air HEPA Air Cleaners

Allersearch Odor Neutralizer

Allersearch ODRX Odor NeutralizerAllersearch ODRX is a heavy duty pet odor control formula that eliminates the toughest odors for all washable surfaces. Odors are eliminated at their source and the scientifically crafted formula continues to work with a long lasting residual effect.

ODRX eliminates odors caused by organic decay, animals, mold, mildew, smoke, sewage, urine and chemicals. ODRX and be directly applied to the surface or used as an additive to cleaned and deodorize floors, walls and ceilings. 32 fl.oz per bottle.

Expel works great on and in:

  • Pet urine odors
  • Carpets
  • Bathrooms
  • Shoes
  • Cat litter boxes
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Dipper pails
  • Basements
  • and more...


Allersearch  Odor Neutralizer $17.95

Zeolite Odor Control

Zeolite Cat Litter Odor RemoverCat Litter Freshener: "Oh, so you have a cat..." Just sprinkle a bit of this Zeolite odor control product in your cat's litter box and your guests think you gave the cat away! Cat urine odors are not a problem.

Odorless Super Cat Litter Freshener is guaranteed to keep litter boxes and the surrounding area fresher longer than cat litter alone.

Sprinkle some in your vacuum's cleaner bag to eliminate vacuum bag odor. Also works in bird, guinea pig, rabbit and hamster cages. Even works in horse stalls (bulk available, call).

This product is not reusable, available in 32 oz. shaker containers.

ZSL - Super Litter Freshener, 32 oz. $13.95

Zeolite Pet Odor Carpet PowderCarpet Freshener: "Little Accidents" on the carpet are not a problem. Easy to use, just sprinkle the fine Zeolite powder into your carpeting and it does all the work.

Sprinkle the carpet powder on the area where the odor is, let it sit for 2-3 hours and simply vacuum your smelly problems away. In some cases ytou may need to let it stay on longer or repeat the application.

32 oz shaker container.


ZSC - Super Carpet Deodorizer, 32 oz $13.95

Petaseptic Pet Lotion

Petaseptic Pet LotionPetasepticŪ Lotion is a clear stainless, greaseless antiseptic made from all pure ingredients for dogs and cats and other animals. This doctor's formula has been solving skin problems for over 80 years. It is a unique combination of time-tested materials derived from nature and is completely free from drugs and harmful chemicals.

PetasepticŪ Lotion is excellent for flea allergy dermatitis relief and other skin irritations caused by fleas, ticks, fire ants, mosquitoes and parasites. It penetrates the skin immediately, killing bacteria and preventing infection. This gentle medication soothes inflamed skin and the natural moisturizing ingredients control dry, flaky skin.

Petaseptic was developed by a Doctor using Witch Hazel, Camphor, Oil of Rosemary and other natural ingredients to provide relief from itching, scratching and sore skin caused by flea and pollen allergy dermatitis, and other skin problems.

Petaseptic Pet Lotion $14.95

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