Petaseptic® Lotion Spray

Anti-Itch Treatment For Pets


Petaseptic Antiseptic Lotion


Petaseptic Pet Lotion

Anti-Itch Antiseptic


Petaseptic® Lotion is a clear stainless, greaseless antiseptic made from all pure ingredients for dogs and cats and other animals. This doctor's formula has been solving skin problems for over 80 years. It is a unique combination of time-tested materials derived from nature and is completely free from drugs and harmful chemicals.

Petaseptic® Lotion is excellent for flea allergy dermatitis relief and other skin irritations caused by fleas, ticks, fire ants, mosquitoes and parasites. It penetrates the skin immediately, killing bacteria and preventing infection. This gentle medication soothes inflamed skin and the natural moisturizing ingredients control dry, flaky skin.

Petaseptic was developed by a Doctor using Witch Hazel, Camphor, Oil of Rosemary and other natural ingredients to provide relief from itching, scratching and sore skin caused by flea and pollen allergy dermatitis, and other skin problems.

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Dogs, Apply directly to skin:
Apply with pump directly on raw, inflamed, sore spots. Repeat every two hours as needed. If your dog suffers from flea allergies, pump a quantity onto your hands and massage vigorously into the skin of the entire body daily or as needed. Avoid applying near eyes.

Cats, Comb-on:
Dilute 3 tablespoons of Petaseptic in 1 cup of water. Apply with flea comb or dab solution on affected areas. Avoid applying near eyes.

After-bath (dogs and cats)
To relieve flea and pollen allergy dermatitis, prepare mixture of 4 tablespoons of Petaseptic in 2 cups of water. After bathing pet massage mixture into the hair coat. Do NOT rinse out! Avoid contact with eyes.

Alcohol 50%, Glycerin, Witch Hazel. Camphor, Oil of Rosemary.