Therapeutic Clothing For Eczema


Freedom for sensitive skin conditions with a unique, seamless design to ensure total comfort.


If you suffer from allergic skin conditions such as eczema or atopic dermatitis you know how terrible the itching can get. Skinnies line of silk and cotton therapeutic clothing is comfortable, stylish and most importantly can help you by reducing the terrible 'itch-scratch cycle' of eczema so you can enjoy you day.

Skinnies are a clinically proven eczema treatment designed with your comfort and health in mind. The luxuriously comfortable seam free design will not irritate your skin like other clothing. Skinnies can comfortably be worn under any of your clothes and worn over bandages if necessary.


We carry a complete line of Cotton and Silk Skinnies for the entire family. No matter if it is a baby, child or adult with eczema, we have you covered.


Skinnies Therapeutic Clothing


Tee Shirts




Skinnies Socks for Eczema-Children & Adults


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Skinnies offer freedom for eczema, psoriasis and other sensitive skin conditions with a unique seamless design to ensure total comfort.

Skinnies eczema clothing is soft, breathable and seamless. Skinnies garments are designed for easy use with both wet and dry wrapping and proven to help manage chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and epidermolysis bullosa.

Each garment is made with Skinnies cutting edge Seamfree Technology, that creates a 360 degree stretch. This makes them super strong, friction free and improves the body's ability to regulate heat. Rigorously tested to retain elasticity and function for up to 50 washings which will dramatically reduce per wear.

  • Seamfree technology - no friction means more comfort

  • 360 Degree stretch - great for kids who need freedom to move

  • Trademarked cotton viscose yarn is hypoallergenic

  • Better body fit - means improved comfort, superbly soft and light to wear

  • Different colors - more fun and fashionable than medical

  • Improved neckline for comfort

  • Decrease itching - Thumb holes designed to stop the sleeves rising or being pulled up to scratch

  • Durable! - Machine washable Tumble dry

Returns Policy

Please double check the size you are ordering. Skinnies products are of a medical nature, we can not accept returns if the product has been opened or handled.

In the unlikely event of faulty garments, please tell us immediately. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but to continue that quality we need to know of any problems. Please contact use immediately to arrange return and replacement of the defective garment.

Cotton Skinnies

Skinnies cotton eczema clothing is soft, seamless, breathable and can be used with both wet or dry wrappings. Made from a very unique yarn (elastine, nylon and viscose) the fabric maximizes it's moisture retention properties. 

Silk Skinnies

Silk is considered on of the worlds finest fabrics. Nothing feels better against your skin. Not only is silk soft it is also the strongest natural fiber. Silk's ability to reach your body temperature and maintain it makes it perfect for keeping you from getting overheated. 

Additional  information on eczema - What is Eczema?

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