Dust & Pollen Mask

Vogmask Dust Pollen Mask - 8bit


Stylish and Effective

Dust & Pollen Mask

$19.95 Each


The Vogmask protects you from harmful airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, grass and mold spores with a bit of style. 

The Vogmask is just right for taking a walk, leisure bike ride, traveling or anywhere else you need protection. They designed the Vogmask to be effective, and stylish. No need to look like you just came from the operating room.

The filtering material on the standard mask is a non-woven microfiber material which filters out 99% of particle over 3um. The Organic Cotton masks uses a certified organic cotton filtering material. One Size Fits All.

Standard Styles - Pink, Blue With White Stripe, Purple, 8 Bit

Organic Style - White, Grey and White

One Size Fits All

Vogmask Dust Mask


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