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Aquathin Soft and Clean Water Conditioner


Hard water is more of an expense issue rather than health. Hard water damages dishwashers, washing machines, humidifiers, coffee pots and other appliances that use water by leaving dissolved hard-water scale that eventually clogs the plumbing or appliance.

The calcium and magnesium (the stuff that makes your water hard) react with soaps and detergents, reducing their lathering and cleaning capability and forms a scum that is difficult to rinse away. That  translates into spotted dishes and scale on cookware. In the bath, it appears as bathtub ring and tile scum. In the laundry, it means gray, stiff clothing.

Aquathin's Soft and Clean whole house water conditioner softens the water by removing all of the calcium, magnesium  and up to 5 parts per million of iron.


The fully automated computer valve permits customized settings for each installation. The patented clip cabinet is made of reinforced virgin recycled plastic with MICROBAN antimicrobial built in.


The Soft & Clean is built to give you years of maintenance free service.


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Aquathin Megachar


The MegaChar water purification system was produced out of growing concerns of the possible negative effects resulting from bathing in water that contains organic pollutants, as well as a concern for breathing in the chlorine vapors while taking a shower.


Our skin is like a sponge so the exposure from bathing in water containing pollutants can be greater that what we acquire by drinking contaminated water.

The MegaChar contains the finest activated carbon available. Enjoy whole house protection from organic contaminates. Fully automated computer valve for customized settings


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AquaShield Total Home Filtration & Antimicrobial Protection


The Aquashield 300 Series of whole house purification combines the heavy duty commercial and industrial prefiltration with Aquathin's unique antimicrobial filters with Microban.


The AquaShield series allows you to customize your system to match your exact water purification and filtration needs by allowing you to select the type of filter cartridges used in the system.




Rust Sentry 2000™ Iron Filter


The age old problem of iron in the water is immediately remedied by Aquathin Rust Sentry 2000™ iron filter.


Many people who have wells or old iron pipes know the problems from having iron in the water. Iron causes the deep, dark stains in the sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets. The white clothes never come out of the wash looking white unless you use a ton of bleach.


In many cases the staining is not the problem, its the rotten egg smell caused by the hydrogen sulfide gasses.


The Rust Sentry 2000™ has been developed to take care of both stain and odor problems caused by iron in the water.



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