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Allergy Bedding For Dust Mites and Other Allergens 

Allergy Doctors recommend that you cover all your bedding; pillows, mattress, box springs, comforters and feather bed in allergy proof bedding. These specialy designed covers will trap 99.95% of all allergens from dust mites, animal dander and pollen. Not only will they help relieve your allergy symptoms they help in keeping your bedding clean and fresh. 

Our selection of allergy bedding includes mattress covers and pillow encasings, duvet covers, featherbed, mattress toppers, mattress pads, comforters, blankets and pillows. The Allergy Store offers one of the widest selection of allergy bedding products with fabrics and prices to suit everyone's need, taste and budget. 

Not sure what's right for you? Call us at (800) 771-2246 and we will be happy to help. 

If you are not sure what type of allergy bedding you need please give us a call at 800-771-2246. We will be glad to answer your questions and even provide you with fabric samples.


Who needs allergy bedding? People who wake up in the morning feeling like they did not get a good nights sleep. They have a stuffy nose, runny, puffy or itchy eyes or a cough. People who have been diagnosed with allergies to dust mites, pet dander, wool or down. People who just want to keep their bedding cleaner and fresher.


What is allergy bedding? All of the Allergy Store's allergy bedding items have been specifically designed to stop dust mites, pet dander, other allergens and even bed bugs from getting in or out of your bedding. For example dust mites that are already living in your mattress can no longer get to their favorite food source because there is now a barrier they can not get past.


Do I really need to put covers on my new bed? When you cover your new bed not only will it keep it dust mite free it will keep them clean, fresh and free from other allergens.