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Box Spring Covers

For complete protection we recommend that you always encase your box springs. The good news is you don't have to spens a lot of money.


We carry two great covers perfect for box springs; heavy duty 6 gauge vinyl (includes our patent pending Bugstop® Seal tape closure) or SMS polypropylene zippered encasings (for our customer that do not like that vinyl odor) Both of these provide affordable options for complete protection. 





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  • SMS Box Spring Encasing

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    From: $18.99
  • Fitted 6 Gauge Vinyl Mattress Cover

    From: $20.00
  • 3 Gauge Zippered Vinyl Mattress / Box Spring Protector

    From: $18.99
  • Fitted 3 Gauge Vinyl Mattress Cover

    From: $13.99
  • BedBug Solution™ - Zippered Box Spring Encasement

    From: $28.99

5 Item(s)

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