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Bed Bug Defender
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Bed Bug Defender® Interceptor

The Bed Bug Defender® Interceptor is an innovative tool to detect and monitor bed bug infestations in your home. The Bed Bug Defender® Interceptor allows you to monitor bed bug activity by catching the bed bugs as they attempt to climb up your furniture legs or when they leave the host furniture. The Bed Bug Defender® Interceptor is a pesticide free and environmentally friendly method of bed bug prevention.

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Bed Bug Defender® Interceptor are passive interception devices that are very simple, inexpensive pitfall style traps that can be placed under the legs of bed frames and upholstered furniture. Once installed, they intercept and capture bed bugs as they travel to the sleeping and resting areas. The interception device can also capture bed bugs as they migrate away from beds and furniture, preventing them from infesting other parts of the structure and from getting into personal belongings that are difficult to treat.

The concept behind how interception devices work is that it allows bed bugs to climb the exterior of the device which is textured but then fall into a well that has smooth slippery sides that they are unable to climb and then become trapped inside the well. Ready to use traps that can be used to monitor bedbug activity 24/7. Traps are set under the legs of beds, couches and other furniture bedbugs are likely to climb. The trap has a unique design which allows bedbugs to enter but they cannot escape. When they try to get into your bed they encounter the trap and get caught.

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