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For over 25 years we have helped people just like you improve their life.

Our allergy control product are purchased by people all across the country and around the world. More importantly once they become an Allergy Store customer they stay a customer because they know we will always put them first. Below are just some of the email comments and reviews we have received.



Hello, I LOVE everything I've ever bought from you guys. The DeMite, bed sheets, allergen spray, air machines all of it. Thanks for all the wonderful quality stuff you offer. Next on my list are the dog products. I'm also allergic to my dogs, bermuda grass, you name it. Sooooo again thanks for all the wonderful things you offer to relieve these symptoms.

Pam - Pensacola, Fla


I count on Allergy Store to consistently carry the allergy relief products that are so vital to my health and I appreciate the fact that they introduce new products for me to add to my arsenal of protection.

T. Seguras


This was my first time buying and of all the places that sell these type of products, there is not a single one that has the outstanding service that the Allergy Store has. The customer service people actually listen and treat you like a person and not just someone to get a few bucks from.

I had a question about the laundry products and Mike took his time to explain the difference between them, he wanted to know how I did my laundry, what sort of smells I liked, what I was going to wash and evne told me not to use as much as the instructions said should be used.

S. Armstrong


I am so very happy that I stumbled across this web site a few months back after suffering with dust mites and had exhausted all efforts to rid them and sleep more comfortably and confidently. The products work extremely well. I also have purchased pillow casing and bed casings to support the effort. I will continue to be a repeat customer using the the products that help keep allergeies down in my home!



Hi Mike,

All the products that I purchased have made a difference. Steve also went to an allergist and we discovered that he has been very, very sick so he is now on new meds to clear things up. The allergist recommended everything that you did and I was happy that I had already put those suggestions into practice. We hope to see major changes in the near future. He is definitely sleeping better so I'm sure the De-Mite is working for him.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
Jen Bickford


The web site was easy to navigate. The only thing I could not find was the height of the mattress cover. I easily found your phone number and the man who answered immediately had the answer for me. The whole order process took only a few moments.



My doctor recommended Allergy Store mite-proof bedding materials. I got the all-cotton versions and they arrived quickly and just as described. They have flaps under the zippers to increase mite-proofing. The all-cotton covers have a super-tight weave yet they feel like they still breathe (not clammy or plasticky). One zipper was defective and the Allergy Store folks replaced the item immediately, without my even needing to send the original back. They are great to deal with. Their primary packaging is great too--each piece came in a zippered plastic bag.

Frank Manning


The website was easy to navigate, the product information was clear and very complete in it's description of each product and it was a hassle free, quick purchase. I love that they use PayPal and had clear return policies and shipping information posted. I love the product and it was delivered in a no-hassle, short period of time.

Susan P


Many products available for what I was looking for, including several quality levels and sizes to choose from. Discounts were available, too! Lists of products available were posted on the side of main site, as well as a search box which made it easier to navigate. Detailed information for each product was also available. Good website with easy ordering form.



The products I viewed were described well. The spring coupon was great for saving money and the blog and testimonials were helpful.



I immediately found what I wanted to order, and ordered it in less than a minute! I have ordered before, and I love their products so much. They have the best selection of allergy items.

E. Neal


Website very informative and helpful in making my decision after much research. Free shipping and paypal additional bonuses, as well as Allergy Store's return police and satisfaction guarantee. Looking forward to using the Vapamore steam cleaner. 



Fast Service, great website and products that work! What more could you want? 



I knew what product I wanted. I found it easily, ordered it and was on my way. Very efficient 



12 years ago, I developed life threatening allergic reactions. After multiple hospitalizations and a 2 week stay at a research hospital- it was determined that I suffered severe reactions to dust mites (among other things). I was lost when I got back home. We had to make major changes in our home and this online site helped me the most. I was able to order dust mite protective encasings to cover our bedding and pillows. 

They have top of the line air purifiers and even whole home air purification systems which are amazing (that I ordered just a few years back). They even have products that help to neutralize allergens associated with pets. I was allergic to dogs and couldn't bear to give up my fur-babies.... so these products really have helped. I have ordered nebulizer products also from this company as both of my children suffer from asthma. They are great to order from any day of the year including Cyber Monday. They most often have a 10% off code available too. 

The best thing about this company is that they care. You can contact them and they are more than willing to take the time to discuss products or questions you might have. They have a good return policy, but you have to take in consideration that many of these products when opened are not allowed to be returned due to health/safety regulations... unless they are defective. This is a company I would definitely recommend! 

Nursemom - Tulsa OK


I don't know of any other place that offers so many products dedicated to people with allergies. They have a great selection of bedding, cleaning supplies, hypoallergenic covers. There products have made a big difference. I didn't realize that my bedding at the time was causing my allergies to flare up. I found this online store and the bedding has made a world of difference. The Allergy Store's come with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 60 Day, money back guarantee so if you decide you don't want it just give them a call and they will take care of you. I once received a damage product and the sale person was so helpful will I called and made it easy to do an exchange. The products are quality products that I held up well especially in the laundry machine. They normally offer free shipping with orders over $99. They also offer baby blankets and bedding as well for the little guys.

Lonie - New York, NY 

Stop here if you need to deal with your allergy problems, there is a solution for all your troubles!

Pricegrabber Review


The new dust mite covers we got from you are great. You were right when you said the 100% cotton covers were soft and cool. I thought the covers we got 10 years ago from the Allergy Store were good. These are even better. It is so refreshing to find a company that has people like you who actually care about the customer.

M. Maynard - Los Angeles, CA


I have ordered from the Allergy Store a few times now and have not been disappointed. The products they offer are quality and the price/quality ratio for bedding protectors is the best you can find. I have also had to return a product due to my own error and they quickly refunded me. Their website is "ok", it does not have order status etc. Any issues I have ever had were quickly taken care of over e-mail. A lot of their products are made in the USA, which is even better. 

Mike was very knowledgeable and took quite a bit of time discussing each allergy product and what it was designed to do. He also offered helpful tips. He was warm and friendly with a sense of humor that helped to allay our anxiety. 

Shelia H. - Chesapeake, VA


The allergy bedding set (pillowcase covers, mattress covers, de-mite) has worked wonders for my allergies.  After covering my bed and pillows w/the cases, I washed all of my sheets and covers with the de-mite solution.  I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose and watery eyes.  The bedding set is worth every penny! 

Lori D - Fountain Hills, AZ


I have used this company several times. At all times they have been courteous and helpful. The products are wonderful and the workers are very knowledgeable. I began to use the products from the Allergy Store more than 10 years ago. I haven't stopped. They are effective and service is great.

I am very happy with your products and customer service.

Thanks for caring.

Don Cain - Roscoe, IL


Your Allersearch anti-allergen spray is a family saver. My adult son and his wife who live in Canada have come for an extended visit. My son is highly allergic to cats, mold, etc. I live in an old farmhouse with a field stone foundation and a cat. My son has not sneezed once since he has been here. Thank you.

Janet Strobert - Wilmington, Delaware


Thank you for the follow up.  My allergies are better.  Part of it is medication, but a big part is switching bedding materials to non-allergenic materials.  Has improved the quality of my life.

Mary W. - Orlando, FL


Thank you. The dust mite mattress cover we got from you has done the trick. No more waking up feeling like I never went to bed. I will tell all my friends about the covers and the allergy store. Keep up the good work.

Margaret - Brooklyn, NY


Hi Mike, 

I have already used the bed bug covers and they have helped a great deal.  It was really good and price was very reasonable.
Yours sincerely, 

Rowena Cayetano - Auckland City, New Zealand



Thanks, I am using the sport dust mask while cycling and riding my motorbike in New Delhi / India and it has improved life significantly as you would imagine when you know the pollution levels here. Will definitely recommend the Allergy Store to other people and get a few on next visit to US.

Thanks and all the Best,

Tobias - New Delhi / India


Hi Mike,

The ADMS anit-allergen spray seems to work well. However, the jury is still out on the effectiveness of the Allerpet/C solution.

I followed the instructions on the bottle to the letter, "lightly moistening" a washcloth and then washing my cat with it. She's a big cat (12 pounds), so the amount of solution on the washcloth probably wasn't enough; it seemed to be working okay for the first couple of days, then it wore off. So this morning (a week after the first application) I used a handi-wipe instead of a washcloth and wet it generously, but not so that it was dripping, and applied it. I'm eager to see how that works.

Thanks for your concern. I will let you know how it works in a week or so.

Judy - Jackson, TN


Just to let you know that I have placed an order for more Allerpet; it is actually working! Thanks for making this product available. It is an answer to prayer.


Hi Mike,

We love our new wool comforters. They are just the right warmth. Less tossing and turning than with the down one. The anti dust mite covers are also very nice and very well made. They are soft, you can sleep in them. The personal help on the phone when ordering was greatly appreciated. Mike, I don't do Facebook, but I have been telling my friends about your store.

Until the next order,
Have a great week,

Catherine - Perrysburg, OH


Hi Mike,


I just wanted to update you, as my son came home this weekend. I did not tell anyone about the allergy coverings and I even put them on myself, so no one would know. And I did not want anyone to be influenced by that knowledge. I heard him sneeze only once, and I can't remember the last time that happened. Usually it's about 5-10 sneezes in a row, then a break and then ditto again and again.

Anyway, I'm very happy with your products and thanks for your help.



Hello Mike,

As a small business owner myself, I know exactly what it's like to get not get enough feedback. Sid the product work right? Did you have any problems? Sometimes I get those calls, but mostly all I hear is dead silence. 

With today's bustle, it seems harder to find the time for feedback like this. We've grown so disconnected as a society too, buying stuff online is so unpersonal.

So the long answer to you short question is that the purchase was just fine, just as expected with reasonable shipping cost and time. Thank you for everything you do.

J. Strickland - Bath, ME



I always order from your store when I need air conditioning filters. I know when I order from you, my filters will fit and that they are made with high quality materials. Because I have asthma, it is important to me to have filters that capture micro particles and allergens.

I have only used your filters in this house, which makes 11 years now. Since my A/C is an odd size, I have the filters custom made, and you do that with a lower price than anyone else that I have found. Thank you for your commitment to quality!

P. Griggs



I have been using De-mite laundry additive for many years and it works quite well for me. Since I have been using De-mite to launder my bedding, I have had no waking up with a stuffy head. I really appreciate that it does not have a strong scent to irritate my nose. I would certainly recommend De-mite to anyone who has a sensitivity to dust mites.

Thank you.
L. Robertson 


I'm not into video testimonials (if you could see me you'd understand) but I am delighted with my purchase and wouldn't mind telling the world:

The "Anti Allergen Spray" is worth its weight in gold! I am severely allergic to cat dander. Unfortunately, our home was full of it. I could not stop wheezing, even though I had to resort to all my inhalers. My HEPA filter didn't even help. There was no product like this available in my small town. Desperate for help, I searched the internet and found you. The spray was shipped promptly. I wiped down every surface in my bedroom -- even spraying some of the formula full strength deep into the heating vents. That night was the first time in ages I did not have an asthma attack! I have not had one since. I realize I will need to reapply the spray from time to time, so I will be placing another order soon. Thank you for a fine product.

Pat B.



I've been ordering from your store for several years, and the customer service is always quick and courteous. It's nice to have an online store I can rely on to send my order fast (especially when I forget to order until the last minute)!

Kathleen P.


The customer service at was phenomenal. I received a call making sure I wanted to express mail my order (the shipping cost would have been more than my order). My order arrived by priority mail in 2 days. The product is amazing. My son's girlfriend was able to stay in our house for 4 days without too much of a problem with her cat allergies. Thank you! I will be ordering again! 

Jan P. - Atlanta, GA


The products we purchased were high quality and quickly shipped to my home. The pillow and mattress covers seem to be making a substantial difference with our asthma and allergies, so thank you Allergy Store!

Julie J.


 Mike & Cheryl,

I wanted to let you know I received my Pristine mattress, box spring covers, new pillow with pillow cover yesterday and I was very excited to get them put on. I am happy I upgraded from the vinyl to the SMS fabric box spring covers and like others said there is no noise from the mattress protector. 

I was a skeptic and was not really sure how much of a difference the mattress protector would make in my allergies. I AM A BELIEVER!! I woke up this morning without the stuffy nose I usually wake up with. Thank you for your prompt service.

Debbie M. 


Hi Mike and Cheryl,

Thanks so much for your awesome mattress covers and pillow covers. They were just what we needed. I definitely think my daughter's reduced number of hives is due to the Pristine mattress covers I bought from you. Your prices were lower than many others that I found on line and your service was excellent. I will try to order more pillow covers using the discount code you sent me soon!

Thanks also for the great lotion etc. You have blessed our family greatly! I will not hesitate to recommend you to others!

Wishing you the best of health also,

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.


Hi Mike

Want to say your service is outstanding. My wife and I had several questions about the dust mite cover and Cheryl took her time in explaining all the differences. Then she figured out the most cost effective way to ship. 

The covers we got are just as described, fit perfectly and are comfortable. Don't wake up stuffy anymore. So glad we found you.

Thank you

Rich - Wellington, New Zealand


Dear Mike,

Thank you for your inquiry concerning the allerpet products that I purchased from you. I could not be happier! 

My granddaughter is allergic to dogs and cats. I have two dogs and a cat and they are family too.... Dealing with my grandaughter's allergies and struggling with the issue of having pets that we love and a granddaughter who suffers because of them has been truly heart rending. My granddaughter has not been in my home for several years now. I purchased your products and used them as directed. 

After treating the animals and my home my granddaughter was able to come to my home and spend the day with no allergic reaction at all. I will be a customer for life and will recommend your product to anyone with pets as I believe that even if a person has no allergies it can't hurt to control the allergens related to pet dander. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




Thank you so much for the prompt service. I am very impressed. Do you ever have the dog beds on sale? 


C. Hodny 

Hi Mike 

The Vital Oxide worked exactly as you said it would. When I got through tearing out all the drywall I vacuumed the cbc block like you said and then sprayed it down with the vital oxide. The next morning there was no more mold smell. 

Thanks for the tips

Ray R.

Cheryl I appreciate your followup. This is a rare in today's world and I commend you for it.

Keep up the great customer service.

Bill Whiting - Atlanta, GA


I have been extremely happy with the products that I received from The Allergy Store. Each of my deliveries have arrived timely and in excellent condition. I've used the pillows, mattress and pillow covers and I have found them to be very helpful in reducing my allergy symptoms. Because of that, I have recommended you to several friends and family.

I hope to make another order while I can take advantage of it but have competing priorities that may delay that purchase. 

Thank you 

L. Phillips - New York, NY 


Thanks for the note. I just placed another order for the master bedroom mattress and box spring covers. This is to help my son who is 5yrs and I believe he has a dust mite allergy. I believe the mattress and pillow covers I bought for his bed has helped and I have removed all stuffed animals. It seems to have shown an improvement. He has a fleece blanket he uses so I need to do some research to find out if that may also be an issue. 

Thanks and have a good day.  

Kim P. -Greensboro, NC 


This is the 2nd order I have made of Allerpet D. It really was the last chance for our family to keep our beloved Golden Retriever puppy as my husband was severely allergic to her. Within a week of applying it to Tilly his skin had improved, and within 2 weeks it had dramatically improved. It worked miracles! He can now very safely walk her, play with her and pat her without breaking into red swollen wilts all over his body. 

Thank you for allowing us to keep our beautiful puppy!  

Miranda - Victoria, Australia


Hi Mike,

The demite is working great! My son and I suffer from severe allergies so I always wash our bedding in it, we will continue to be believers.  Thanks for following up with me.

Lauren - Los Angeles, CA


Hi Mike,

Thank you for the follow up.

My allergies have been much better since using the allerpet solution on my kitten. I notice a huge difference from when I first apply to when it starts to wear off. I haven't used the carpet spray yet, but have high hopes that it will work as well as the other solution. I may order another bottle of the allerpet within the month to stock up.

Thanks again,



Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for checking. I really appreciate it and can tell you that we like the benefits we discover by using the allergy mattress cover. It is unbelievable what a difference it makes for our daily well being. Thank you also for the tip how to wash it and which additive to use.

I wish you the best and will order probably some covers very soon.

Kind regards,

Liane D. - 
Atlanta, Ga

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for your email. I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I love De-mite. In fact, I just placed an order, and I purchased the liter size of De-mite. We purchased an Austin Air Cleaner a month ago, and we absolutely love it. I have allergies as do our cats. I have noticed that since we have been running the Austin Air Purifier, we are all doing much better.

Thanks so much for offering such wonderful products, providing great savings offers, and for providing excellent customer service!

Best wishes,


The spray and cat wash worked great!!! I can sit on my couch without having an attack. Its been a few weeks since I sprayed and bathed the I am going to go ahead and treat my furnature again tomorrow. Love the product. It is the only thing that has ever helped me. Thank you! I will be a customer for life!!


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December 11, 2011




Excellent service - I placed an order and forgot one item so I placed another order within just a few hours of the first. The folks at the Allergy Store combined the shipping and refunded the overcharge. They also shipped the items immediately and were quick to answer my emailed question. Overall just a fantastic experience. High quality products and excellent service. This is now my 4th time ordering from them.

L. Weaver


Mike & Cheryl,

We have had your products for a few years. Used the mattress encasing on another bed and had to replace it is the reason for the last order. Your encasings are fantastic! We wash everything weekly including vacuuming the house.

Stayed at my Mother's house in Virginia once and right away we had stuffy heads after sleeping in her bed. Purchased encasements from you for her bed, and she stopped needing "any" allergy medication.

Thanks Again,

Bill & Debbie


Hello Mike,

Thank you so much for the follow up, it means a lot. Before finding you, I recently had a doctors appt. regarding being sick with allergies. I thought I was allergic to certain foods, but after taking my blood tests, my doctor told me it was dust mite and pollen that I was allergic to.

He immediately started going over on what I needed to do, and the first process was to dust/clean up around the house and get my bedding in order since dust mite mostly occurs while were sleeping. My doctor told me I could find Allergy stores online and they would include all types of bedding that would suit my needs.

I am so happy I found the Allergy store. I know I have only purchased pillow casing for my pillows, my next purchase will be bedding for my queen bed once funds become available. The pillow casing's are wonderful and I immediately felt a difference. I just feel that I can breath better and I don't feel itchy on my neck and face any more. Also, my goal is to fill both of my two sons (7 and 10) twin beds as well as their pillow casing. I guess I'm taking baby steps, but I will get there.

I really appreciate the coupon code that you recently supplied me with, it is going to help alot when I purchase again middle of Sept. 

Thanks again for following up and sorry I did not respond immediately.

You guys are GREAT!

You will hear from me soon!!

V. Arce - San Diego


Dear Allergy store,

I recently purchased a mattress and box spring cover from you. The quality of the cotton is wonderful! they fitted just how I had hoped and they have far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a great product at an affordable price. Rare these days! I shall take advantage of my 10% discount card and be in touch soon.

PLease make sure you stay in business!!!

Oh just a thought, a while back I was considering the purchase of one of those pure organic wool mattresses from a company in CA. Their prices were very high and so despite the fact I understand sleeping with pure wool is better in so many ways, their prices make the opportunity of experiencing it, way beyond most peoples wallets. Perhaps you could come up with an alternative wool mattress and corner the market?

J Ferranto 


Hi Mike,

We ordered them for our beach house since we rent it at times during season. We wanted the beds protected due to the bed bug outbreak across the nation and it was suggested by our real-estate agent. I did however just return from a week stay at the house, and maybe it is my imagination, but I did not wake up with sinus headaches while in Delaware.

Last night was our first night home and this morning I was stuffy and had a headache. So, as soon as we get a new mattress for our home, I will be ordering the encasings for our bed. We currently have a full mattress, but will be purchasing a queen in the near future. I never considered that I might be allergic to dust mites.

Thank you, 

P. Pendleton - Maryland


I am very pleased with your products and the results in relief.

THANK YOU for such a great store and products. I will for sure
recommend you to my family and friends.

T. Baker - 
Nova Scotia, Canada



My daughter, who has EIB, is using the face mask while mountain biking. It
has helped tremendously.

I just ordered 10 more face masks from you.


Terry - 
El Dorado Hills, CA


I hope you continue to carry these animals. I'm afraid that we may have started an addiction. He has NEVER liked stuffed animals before. Due to his allergies, I limit them anyways. Someone gave him the blue and white dog and he actually liked it (shock).  The bear was an instant hit. He carries it everywhere, loves on him, plays with him. He really took to the tiger yesterday, too. We have decided to only buy this brand. Beside him obviously preferring them, they wash perfectly everytime. 

Great to find your site! Love the variety you carry. 

Amy - Norfolk, VA

Hi Mike,

I put the mattress encasement on just after the holidays. Getting the mattress in it wasn't as hard as I thought for one person. The pillowcase covers seem a bit 'crunchy' but I hope that feeling goes away after a few washings. I do wash the sheets weekly in hot water, with bleach. I purchased some of the allerwash with the encasements, but don't care too much for the smell.

So far, it seems to be helping a lot. My husband hasn't commented on his better sleep, but I have detected an improvement. I also use a neti pot regularly, so I think between that and the encasements, life has gotten better.


Sue - Canton, MI

Hi Mike

I don't wake up sneezing, I've stopped taking my antihistamines, and I never get hives anymore - I feel great! 

Tal - 
Iowa City, IA


You were right about the Vital oxide spray, works without a chlorine smell.  I even used it in my mop water when I did the floors. FYI .. I spilled some on my shorts and it did not bleach them out.  

Rachel - Oxford, MS 

Hi Mike,

I am very satisfied with the quality of your dust-mite covers. They have
definitely helped in relieving our allergies. Also, I must emphasize that
your customer service dept. is efficient, prompt to answer any questions and
very helpful!

Thanks again.
Rosa - 
Quebec, Canada


Hello, Mike.

Thank you for your email.

It looks like the products we purchased really helped. The allergy
symptoms are gone almost completely. Once or twice a day my wife would
sneeze but it is nothing compared to how bad her allergy was before.

Thank you,

Gennadiy - 
Sugerland, TX

I bought these products because my nephew was visiting for the Holidays at my Mother's. She has a cat and he is very allergic. We kept the cat in the kitchen for a few weeks. We sprayed the house with the ADMS product and my nephew was very comfortable in the house for the week.


Nancy - Baton Rouge, LA


I've noticed a good improvement now that we've encased the mattress and box springs. We already had encasings on the pillows from you guys. I didn't think I'd notice that much more of a difference, but I really did. It may have also been the addition of using Allerwash at the same time since our water heater is set to 130.




Hi, Mike!

Yes, I am very pleased with the De-Mite. It seems to eliminate the cause of my Dust Mite allergy due to their inhabitation of the bed clothes. I wash everything washable with the De-mite. . I'm allegic t both kinds of dust mite my Allergist told me so I want to make sure I do everything I can to rid the house of them.

I think these products work very well combined with the use of the De-mite additive.

Be well,



Hi Mike,

The bedding coverings have been great. My husband no longer gets suddenly awakened with congestion. The dust mites are all contained. We plan to  take a few pillow coverings on a cruise and then remove them before leaving the ship. We have allergy sensitive family members. 

Thanks for your follow up. I"ll keep the discount in mind for any more items.

Mary Ann


Thanks. I'm sold on the Pristine line. Easy to keep up, insert into other materials, and more. Have many brands, even some with smaller micropore sizes, yet Pristine is the best overall. Cool, easy to breathe through, comfortable. I'll be back for more.



Thanks for the email. My husband's allergies (and thus his asthma) have improved quite a bit in the past few weeks. Even though I have never suffered from allergies myself, I think we both are sleeping better with the covers than we were before.  

The mattress cover was much easier to install than I thought it would be, and more importantly, it and the pillow covers are much softer and comfortable than I ever expected. I was afraid of getting something with a plastic feel, something that would be crinkly as we moved around, but the covers you offer feel just like our sheets and pillow cases. We forget they are even there.  

We haven't slept away from home since we got the covers, but I'm sure we'll both notice the difference.

Thanks again!


We received our order, we love your products.  I have always suspected a dust mite allergy and other allergies with my younger son (age 2).  About three weeks ago he spent the night at the children's hospital with an asthma attack.  This coincided with a cold day playing outside in the snow AND the plain fact that I had not used De-mite for a few weeks on his bedding.  

I am not going to run out again and I have started putting it back in the laundry!  The de-mite really helps us reduce allergens in his bedroom, thank you! 

Liz R. - Birmingham, AL


I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you until now.

The De Mite product works very well. I have used it on items that we had in an apartment while our house was being built, and items that were in storage. I have noticed a significant decrease in my symptoms. I think it is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from dust mite allergies. 

C.Claypol - Afton, TN


Hello Mike, 

The case is incredible!  I have slept perfectly every since I started using the product.  I no longer have any problem with bed bugs or any other allergens.  Thank you so much for everything. 
Jorge S

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the email checking in.  Yes, everything has arrived now!

I am really looking forward to getting it all in place hopefully this weekend.  I am so glad to have found your company to help me in my battle against dust mites!


Donna A - Florence, MA


Yes, actually I have seen a remarkable change in my health since covering all bedding. I am 40 years old and never knew until this year that I was EXTREMELY allergic to dust mites. I have had terrible allergy problems all of my life, chronic sinus infections, etc., etc. I would wake up in the morning feeling congested and spaced-out. Since putting your covers on my mattress, box springs, and pillows, I am a new person. My head is clearer when I wake up, and I am not spacey feeling in the morning.

When I called about the backordered cover, your representative was extremely helpful and helped me to make another selection. With her assistance, I was able to get a mattress cover within a week. While your customer service was fantastic, the situation and delay could have been completely avoided if the item was indicated as backordered on the website.

As for the demite additive, I am using that currently with my bedding. I will most likely continue to use it. I would be more likely to reorder it if you continue to email or mail promo codes for specials and discounts. Thanks for the discount code below.

I hope I am on your mailing list for catalogs.

Karen G - Newnan, GA


Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for checking in. I have noticed a major difference and I'm sleeping so much better. I had been constantly waking up itching on and off for the past 4 months or so and it was driving me crazy. 

But now once I put on the encasings, I haven't had any problems and sleep peacefully. I have been sure to wash my sheets every week as well. I was just thinking the other day how thankful I was that I found your website. I wasn't sure if it would really work but I wasn't in a position to not try anything possible. 

Sade O - Los Angeles, CA

Dear "Allergy Store."

Just a line or two to let you know how I liked the Vanicream products. I love the texture and the lack of irritating ingredients. However, when my Asthma and allergies become so out of control, nothing short of a steroid shot can quiet my overactive system down.

Now that my system is quieter, and I can use what ever I want, I find myself grabbing for these products. I really like them.

Thank you so much!  

Anna - N. Miami Beach, FL

Hi Mike, 

After putting the allergy bedding covers on our mattress, box spring and pillows, we're so happy to let you know that our allergies have tremendously subsided. 

Every morning my husband would wake up with terrible mucus draining and now that has substantially been reduced and has almost eliminated his morning stomach problem.  Also, our sleep is much more restful and rewarding.  I should have ordered sooner.  We're thrilled with the products and are recommending them and your company to friends and family.  

Thank you very much and have a great week!
Jayne & Andy - manahawkin, NJ


Thanks for checking in. Wanted to tell you how great the Vital Oxide products works. We bought it to get rid of a moldy smell under the bathroom sink and since it did so well we have been using it all over the house. I spray it in the shower to keep the mildew away, wipe down the cutting board and counter tops and even sprayed it on some of my sons toys.

Thank you

Sue - Dallas, TX


Dear Mike,

I was pleasantly surprised that the order arrived so quickly. We finally gave in to our 8 year old son who has wanted a puppy forever, but we were reluctant because he suffers from severe allergies.

The first few days didn't go so well and we were sure we were going to have to break his heart and return the dog. I promised him we would try everything before giving up so I started doing some research and came across your website. The dog was groomed and furminated to reduce shedding on Saturday.

I treated the upholstery and carpet with your ADMS Anti-Allergy spray and wiped the dog down with the Allerpet when he returned home. I am happy to say that we have not had any problems since and we are all thrilled that Barney is going to remain a part of our family.

Thanks for a wonderful product at a reasonable price and for your wonderful customer service. I will gladly recommend you to my family and friends.


C. Ellington



We have already spent one night allergy free thanks to your high quality product, fair price and fast shipping! I had forgotten what it was like to get a good nights sleep without the congestion !

Thank you,

Anson - Chattanooga, TN

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you so very much for your extraordinary customer service and for the travel well wishes!


Thanks so much, I have noticed a great improvement, I use the ADMS product on sofa & chairs and on the mattress, I use demite on bedding. Have enough stock to last me at least 1 year, when ready I will be back in touch!!

Take care


Well, actually it is my 5 year old who suffers from allergies.  He was recently diagnosed with cat allergy which is terrible because our whole family are cat lovers.  We have 5 cats!  So I'm trying to find homes for 3 of our cats, but 2 of our cats are our babies we've had since forever so we're keeping them.  

The spray for the house works great!  I spray it all over my sons bed in the morning and also on the floor (the cats are no longer allowed in there but they still sneak in sometimes).  I keep forgetting to use the stuff to rub on the cats though!  I'll have to do that tonight while I'm thinking about it.
Thank you for the follow up.
Abby - Chicago, IL 


I can't thank you enough for the information in your newsletter. I have been suffering for the last 5 years without a true understanding of what I can do other than take medication. I feel empowered with the information you provided. 

Thanks again,

Ann - San Francisco, CA


Thank you so much for your nice email and follow-up. The encasings are great, I think they have really helped us and our daughter. Thanks for the excellent service. I would recommend you and your product to anyone who has allergies.

Thanks again,
Tory S. - 
Portland, OR


The email yes the mattress covers have helped with my allergies. I no longer wake up with a stuffed nose. I plan on getting that De-mite a bit later on closer to summer to see if
that will further help.


Mathew B. - Canada

Hi Mike,


I am very happy with the products I purchased and will visit your website soon. Your store provides excellent service and a nice choice of quality products. Thanks for the discount offer!

Laura - 
Worthington, OH


Yes, the zeolite is helping tremendously. I'm very sensitive to odors and frequently get headaches because of them. Even though I clean often and have an air cleaner in each room, I couldn't get rid of some odors. Once I got the zeolite, the odors disappeared.

The most impressive change was in my Grandmother's room, who lives with us. She has a multitude of problems and she needs a portable toilet in her room. As a result, it smells horrible in there. Once we put the zeolite in her room, the smell vanished.



love the products. I have a problem with perfumes , but not as bad as some of my friends. I was buying unscented hair spray and someone said unscented didn't mean fragrance free, so I looked at the list of ingredients (with a magnifying glass, LOL) and it said parfum (perfume). I couldn,t believe it!!!! So I looked on the web for fragrance free hair products and found Free and Clear. I'm so glad I did. I will reorder when I need more.

Thank you so much!!!

Susie Phipps 


Thanks, for checking-up on us! Everything was easy to install. Actually, we have been able to SCUBA dive more with less allergy-related head congestion!

We plan to be down in the Lauderdale area for Mother's day and would like to schedule an appointment to visit your store on that Saturday May 9, 2009 in the late afternoon (around 3:00pm). Will this be possible? We will call/email to confirm. It looks like we will need a duvet cover and a "tall/thick" queen mattress cover.

It was a great buying experience and we are very satisfied! I did not realize when I ordered that the allergy store is in Florida (actually right down the street from where my mother-in-law works at FAU).


Thanks for taking the time to write and our daughter's allergies are much better. She was put on a steroid nasal spray, but I'm sure the bedding has helped considerably. We do wash the sheets and cases in hot every week. The problem is working out what to do with the stuffed animals. Washing them in hot every week will eventually kill some of them and I don't have the freezer space to freeze them. :-)

But otherwise, we are okay. Thanks again.


I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Php 4:13


Very Nice of you to follow up!!! YES, I LOVE the product and it has helped tremendously with our puppy and my allergies. Thank you so much!

God Bless,



The sheets are excellent. I felt the difference immediately. Prior to this, I had no idea I was having such a bad reaction to mites.I was just giving it a try as a health option, and now I realize what restless sleeps I was having.I may order more sheets soon.




HI Mike,

Thanks for checking in. So far it has helped a great deal. To tell you the truth we also ended up with a bedbug problem in our building. Had to buy a new bed and everything because we couldn't really tell how bad it was. We had a professional come in and so far so good. The covers are fantastic and I am very pleased. In fact I had a my neighbor order them as well. :) I also made flyers for the building and told them where to go and get their own protective gear against allergies!

Happy New Year!

New York, NY


Thank you - I do believe your products are helping. Thank you for your kindness,




The mattress cover was for my daughter and she says she can tell a difference with the cover. She is waking up in the morning breathing out of her nose instead of her mouth which is good.
Thank you.



Cheryl --

Thank you so very much for your patience, your friendly disposition, your willingness to accomodate my needs. I appreciate your expert advice -- which I took -- and look forward to receiving my order. Enjoy your day,

Washington, DC


Thank you for the concern.  The product has worked wonderfully, and I am glad that I purchased it.
Emily J


Hi Mike,

I haven't tried the mattress encasement yet. Not only did we return my new adjustable bed (I was allergic to the latex) but my husband and I disposed of our Select Comfort bed as well. We discovered, it too, was made of latex (and foam). We are currently sleeping on an old camper mattress.

I'll soon be purchasing a queen size mattress encasement from you for our new 5th wheel-to-be. We are selling our home and moving to Arizona where, I hope, my allergies won't be so active. Living on meds is not the answer.

Both the pet shampoo and Vanicream work well. I still can't snuggle my pet as much as I once did, but at least now I can hold her right after her bath. Vanicream is NOT greasy. Love that!

Thanks for emailing Mike. It's nice to do business with people who care.

Katie J.


Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for your prompt service with my order.  It took just a few days to arrive in New Zealand - very impressive given that it's close to Christmas - and everything I've ordered is excellent quality and fits my bedding perfectly.  

Your website is very well set out, easy to use, and informative too, all of which helped me choose The Allergy Store for these products.  I've already recommended your site to several friends who have allergy problems.  I'm looking forward to some dust-mite free nights!

Susan R.




Thank you for your response, your store is very nice. We have a child that is asthmatic and has terrible issues with sinus infections (thought to be caused by allergies and such, but they are not sure why he keeps getting the sinus infections). We are basically changing the bedding and other things in his room in hopes to cut down on the sinus infections. If you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to let me know, as I am sure you have seen it all.

Best regards,

Matt W. - 
Dallas, Texas



Dear Mike,

The humidifier I purchased from The Allergy Store is excellent: quiet, cranking out a pleasant mist and easy to use.

I appreciate your help and will recommend The Allergy Store to friends and colleagues.

Best regards,


Thank you so much for your companies quick response in getting my order to me and correctly.I have company coming this weekend and just found out they were allergic to cats. I was getting nervous about finding Allercat because it is very difficult to find in our pet stores. Maybe too many people need this and they're always out of stock. Anyway, I will tell anyone and everyone about your store and I really appreciate you.

Thank you, God bless, and have a wonderful day.

 P. Blackburn 

Nokomis, Fl


Dear Michael,
Just to say I have now received my quilt cover, and am very pleased with the quality.
Many thanks
Mrs Doney - 
Brighton Sussex, UK


Hi Mike,

The purchase that I made was for my mother, who is quite happy with the pillow and mattress cover.  Thanks for taking the time to follow-up.

Thank you very much. We are doing better. I've taken other steps as well and it has helped unbelievably. I will take advantage of this discount, thank you again. It was very kind of you to check in.
A McGugin - 
Clarksville, TN

Hi Mike:

Thank you for your e-mail, the product I purchased from the Allergy Store  The Allerpet/d solution is very, very good.  Now I am in control of the allergens that cause itching in Kids and Adults in my house.  Fondly!
Scarlet Kohler - 
Boca Raton, FL

I feel better.. it did take some time... but I do now feel better... and will continue to use the products because they really have seemed to help...

Thank you for checking.

C. Adams - Scranton, PA

Hi! Thank you so much for your prompt response to my order, which I have already received, and started treating my "Lad" (dog) with. I am extremely happy with the results already. 

Once again, Thank you!

B. Boyle - E. Greenbush, NY 


Dear Allergy Store,

Thank you for your follow-up. That certainly speaks well of the "art"  of customer service that seems to be heading to extinction in this high-speed day and age.
I have not yet had a chance to put the dust mite cover on my mattress.
The thing weighs about 200 pounds and is very unwieldy.
I purchased the cover to protect the mattress from a new/old cat who likes to "mark" (piss on) the mattress, and figured getting the cover was a more cost-effective option than constantly having an upholstery cleaner come to clean up the vile mess.
I will let you know how things work out, and thank you again for your patience and help.
Best regards,
P. Soucek - 
Venice, CA


Thank you for your follow up. I really like how the bed "feels" with all the encasements on. It just feels fresher. I do  like your product. My husband's allergies still plague him sometimes, so obviously there are other environmental allergens at play which we will have to address. Just one tid-bit of advice for mailing to Canada though. The reason my package took so long to receive is that it was held up in Customs.  

Thank you

P Nadon - Canada


Thanks for your email.

I'm happy with the encasings--they were very easy to install--and I am sleeping better and I don't have the dark circles I used to. I am now noticing how much I react to hotel pillows! Thanks for the tips on the Allerwash--I may order some. 


Hi Mike,
Thank you for asking about our allergies -- after using the complete bedroom package and De-Mite Laundry Additive, my wife has not suffered any more from dust mites! Curiously, our family doctor didn't know what caused the problem.  Information from the Internet led us to realize that it was caused by dust mites... Thank goodness for your Allergy products!!
We plan to replace our carpets with hardwood soon in hopes that this will help relieve other allergies and eliminate bacteria deposited on the carpets.
Thanks too for the 10% discount from your store.
Best Wishes,


Mike everything that you sent was fine. I will be ordering more items soon.


My wife has had terrible allergies for many years. Every morning she woke up and would cough and feel really rotten for about an hour or so.

We put the Austin air cleaner in the bedroom and covered the bed and now she wakes up feeling great. The room smells better and has less dust too. I just wish we would have known about these products 10 years ago. Thank you for the great service and information.

Michael - Houston, TX


Thanks for the fast service, both with my problem with the code and the shipping of the product. The products are helping, I no longer wake up with a stuffy head and my husband, who has major breathing problems seems better also. 

P.Moore - Tampa Bay, FL 


The air purifier really has helped a lot my daughter with her allergie, no more cough during the night.



We love the item we bought. It really worked to control the smell around the litter box. Thanks for the discount. We will probably use it to order another for
a friend.

Nancy Cummings



Thanks for asking about my allergies. I didn't buy the mattress covers though because of allergies. I bought them because I had bed bugs in my bed. I threw out my mattress and when it was outside the infestation started to come out of the mattress. Very gross. But I didn't want them to get into my new mattress or all of my kids mattresses either, so that's why everything went into your mattress covers.

I wanted to starve them instead of using poison in my house, so I've got all the beds legs with a band of vaseline and so far, no ones been bit for awhile. I'm glad I found you because you have a quality product for cheaper than I could find up here in Canada.



The products I purchased are working very well. I feel a lot better and find that I am sleeping better than I did before. I will keep the Allergy Store in mind if I need to purchase anything else.



We just got the encasings on the mattresses and pillows and so far allergies are much better. I'm going to need to order more pillowcase casings but will wait because we are purchasing new pillows soon. Thanks so much!



Thank you for your messages. I have been a bit surprised at the level of personal service I have gotten from your company. Thank you for making my day. 

Yes, my allergies have improved and I've been washing our sheets in hot water as well as the DeMite when I couldn't use the hot water. With energy prices continuing to go up, I am more and more grateful for the DeMite. I can save money and manage my allergies at the same time.

We also encased our son's bed and pillow and it has helped his sniffly nose as well. For your other customers who may be having seasonal allergy problems we have attached a whole house filter (one of the really good ones) to a box fan and set it up in our bedroom. It really filters the air and makes our nights and mornings better. The filter lasts anywhere between 6 weeks and 3 months depending on how dusty the house is, how often the windows are open, and what type of heating system the house has.

Thank you again for the personal contact. I hope you have a great weekend and I will be re-ordering from the allergy store in the future.

C. Johnson


Mike -- The products have helped a lot. . . .I will use your site again to order products, and I am referring your site to a good friend of mine! 

Thank you.


Hi Mike, 

Thank you for writing to follow up with the products I purchased from the Allergy Store. The products I purchased have helped a lot in gaining control over the allergens that were causing us problems.

I have since become so much more mindful of finding ways to prevent the problems that allergens cause and I have the Allergy Store to thank for that.   

T Jackson


Just writing back to thank you of the spray and allerwash i ordered couple of months ago. It works good. My allergy is gone. All the best to you and your products.