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Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Get control of your indoor quality now. Did you know the air inside can be up to 8 times more polluted than what is outside the door? But the truth is you can't really tell by looking at it. This pollution comes from the products we use, our air conditioning system and what we bring into our homes.

Foobot lets you take control of your indoor air quality. The Foobot air quality monitor is the first smart indoor air quality monitor, able to learn from your habits at an affordable price.

Very easy to use, you just need to the set the right place for it in your home, and let it start monitoring your IAQ in order to be coached by the app.

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We breathe five times more than we eat. And truth be told, most of the air we breathe is ‘junk’: indoor air is on average eight times more polluted than outside air, causing allergies, spreading sickness, and impairing our health over time. But it’s hard to care about what you can’t see or control. That’s why Foobot was created: a smart device that helps you take control of your indoor air quality.

The Foobot air quality monitor is a smart device that helps you take control of your indoor air quality. Helps you regulate the dangers in the air that cause allergies, spread sickness, and that impair your health over time. It also helps you set the right temperature and humidity to help you prevent molds, germs and pollution.

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitors are perfect for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, COPD or other respiratory problems. It's also great for everyone who just wants to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Foobot Benefits

  • Monitors air quality 24/7
  • Tracks fine airborne particles, voc's, carbon monoxide levels, carbon dioxide levels, temperature and humidity.
  • Detects Formaldehyde, Iso-Butane, Toluene, Methane, Benzene and more.
  • When Foobot light is blue the air is good. When the light is orange there is a problem.
  • Receive predictive data about your habits which effect your indoor air quality

Foobot Features

  • Free downloadable app and cloud storage for your data
  • Free IAQ notifications from the World Health Organization
  • Optional community interaction for the sharing of data, ideas and solutions
  • Dynamically adaptive sensor readings and wifi updates ensure sensor accuracy
  • 5 Volt USB power adapter

How Foobot Works:

The Foobot air quality monitor utilizes a series of high quality, factory calibrated sensors for on-the-fly signal processing for airborne pollutants. Data is stored every 5 minutes to a dedicated cloud for on-demand data measurements via the free downloadable App. For immediate air quality feedback, simply tap the Foobot two times to activate the smart LED air quality display. The easy to understand light display provides immediate feedback on your indoor air quality.

Techinal Information

Size 0.03 pm to 2.5 pm
Range: 0 mg/ m3 to 1.4 mg/m3
Precision: +/-12%
Total VOCs:
Sensors: MOS sensor tech. auto motive industry grade; high reliability and stability; low latency detection

Additional Info

Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (2)

We are very pleased with this productReview by Veronica
It is a good product and has good real time sensing. (Posted on 8/29/2017)
Feel better nowReview by Beth
We were worried about the air quality inside the house. Since we put this in we feel better. (Posted on 8/8/2017)

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