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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

As soon as you spot signs that there's bed bugs in your room, it's very important that you spring into action right away.

You can find some effective tips below on how to get rid of bed bugs and prevent them from ruining your life.


Using a flashlight and magnifying glass, look for places where they could be hiding. In spite of what they're called, bed bugs are capable of nesting in other places than your bed. Such places include beneath the carpet, behind the drapes, in tight furniture corners, cracks in the floor and wall, etc. A suspected nesting place should be immediately sprayed with bleach or isopropyl alcohol, using a convenient spray bottle.


After looking for potential hiding places, it will help a lot if you can reduce spots where they may nest. A way to do so is by getting rid of clutter. Take the things that aren't supposed to be there and seal them tightly in plastic bags. Never attempt to just drag them to another room because this will spread the bugs. Fill cracks in the floor and wall with caulk.


Your linens, clothes, curtains and other items out of textile should also be sealed in plastic bags. Take them to the laundry room, and stash them in the washing machine and use hot water. These creepy crawlers can't stand heat. Later on, transfer them to the dryer and place at the highest setting that's safe for the textile. Or you may hang them under direct sunlight. Afterwards, place them back in new plastic bags.


Use your vacuum cleaner on your mattress, box spring, pillows, carpet and upholstered furniture. Start from the top of the room, going to the bottom. Using a brush attachment, go over surfaces and corners thoroughly, and pay extra attention to places that are hard to reach. The vacuum bag should be sealed inside a plastic bag, then discard properly.


The vacuum cleaner may have missed some adult bed bugs and their eggs. Because of this, you should also use your portable steam cleaner. Have it at the highest setting as steam easily loses much of its temperature when it gets to those potential nesting areas. Attach a wide nozzle and go over surfaces and corners slowly. If you also have a dry vapor cleaner, that's the best one to use on mattress, box spring and upholstered furniture.


Afterwards, cover the mattress, pillows and box spring in BugStop® bed bug mattress covers. This will trap any bed bug inside until they die of hunger as they won't be able to feed on your blood. Doing so will also keep those in other places from hiding in your mattress and box spring.


Repeat the cleaning, laundering, vacuuming and steaming for a couple of times in a week until telltale signs of their presence have gone. Prevent re-infestation by keeping your home clean and clutter-free. But if the infestation is obviously beyond your control, make sure to contact professional exterminators immediately. They know how to get rid of bed bugs in the right manner, based on the level of infestation present.


Look for someone who has been doing it for a long time. Everybody and their mother is claiming to be an expert in bed bug pest control now days. Get references.


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