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How to Neutralize Refrigerator Odors For Good

One question we often get asked is " What do you have that gets rid of the odors in my fridge?"


Amazingly, the foods that spoil the fastest outside of the refrigerator are responsible for most refrigerator odors. Things such as milk, yogurt, chicken, beef, and pork often cause the inside of the fridge to smell less than fresh. Add to that, high odor foods such as broccoli and onions, and there is a festival of scents fighting for dominance within the confines of the place most sacred for food storage. Get rid of odors through several methods and change storage methods to neutralize foods that waft out when the door opens.


The first step in removing refrigerator odors is tossing the old food. Now is a good time to get into the habit of labeling any leftovers with a date. Special Note: Either eat or seal fragrant foods like Chinese, chicken and broccoli or spaghetti with garlic and onions shortly after storing inside the fridge. They have a definite shelf life.


Once older foods and smelly leftovers have been disposed of, remove the rest of the food to a safe area and begin cleaning the fridge. Start at the top. Remove shelves and fruit / vegetable bins. Remove side shelves along with egg and storage bins.

Using a bucket, fill with 1 gallon of warm water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with the same concoction. Sprinkle baking soda, Oxyboost or Zeolite all over the shelves. Using the spray bottle, spray the side shelves and the inside of the refrigerator. Avoid any openings to the light or other electrical.
Allow the vinegar and water to sit for five minutes to soften any hard deposits. Using a double-sided sponge, begin to wipe the space inside from top to bottom. Leave no crevices unclean. Once complete, using a clean cloth, wipe the same areas down to remove excess liquid. Clean the removed shelves and bins with the same solution and method. Once done, replace shelves and bins. Place food back in the refrigerator. Buy a large box of baking soda, open and place towards the back of the top shelf. As an alternative, use a 1lb bag of Zeolite rocks. We have bags in both the fridge and freezer. This will help neutralize odors continuously.


Once clean, keep the refrigerator odors from appearing again. Throw away old food regularly. Place foods that have especially noticeable odors into food storage containers with tight lids. Chopped onions and garlic should also be stored in tight containers. Wipe down the refrigerator once a week with a cloth soaked in a vinegar solution. Clean up any spills immediately and place labels on leftovers. This will help reduce and stop the smells that make the inside of a refrigerator smell in the first place.


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