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Mu2 Sport Mask Lt Grey
Mu2 Sport Mask Lt Grey Mu2 Sport Mask Lt Grey Girl Running with Mu2 Sport Mask Mu2 Sport Mask Sizing Mu2 Sport Mask Light Grey Medium Mu2 Sport Mask Light Grey Large

Mu2 Sport Mask Light Grey

The Mu2 Sport Mask is made for the active outdoor enthusiast and military personal. If you are into hiking, running, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, motocross, bike or ATV then you need to take a serious look at the Mu2 Sport Mask. 

The Mu2 Sports Mask is the only permanent air filter designed mask for use in active sports. Its unique filter membrane blocks all dirt, dust, and pollen, is easy to clean, and provides you with an unrestricted supply of clean air.

Designed to be used and re-used again and again. Washable, simply hand wash with gentle dishwashing detergent and drip dry.

Available in medium and large - Lt Grey

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The U2 Sport mask is made for the active outdoor enthusiast and military personal. If you are into hunting, hiking, running, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, motocross, bike or ATV then you need to take a serious look at the U2 Sport Mask.

At the heart of the mask is a unique patented filtration material, Micro Air Screen, which repels dust and pollen particles and will not promote the growth of molds or bacteria like many other masks. The "MicroAirScreen" material does not degrade, support bacteria growth, or entwine pollen like natural fibers do. The pores of the MicroAirScreen are small enough to prevent passage of the smallest allergenic pollen (about 18 microns in diameter), but are numerous enough to provide unrestricted airflow.

The micropore material of the U2 mask does not get clogged which allows for easy breathing. Other dust and sports mask manufactures tell you that hard labored breathing is an advantage: "simulates high altitude training". Why do you want to breathe any harder than you have to?

  • MicroAirScreen filter is permanently bonded to its polyester-faced neoprene body
  • Adjustable Velcro neck strap A pliable adjustable aluminum nose clip
  • Anodized aluminum nose clip.
  • Rugged durability while insuring a comfortable, customized fit.
  • Lt Grey

Washable and designed to be used and re-used again and again. Simply hand wash with gentle dishwashing detergent and drip dry.

Medium masks fit most children 8 years and older and women. Large fit most men. X-Large is only available in Black

* Please note that for health reasons, masks are not returnable once opened unless defective. 

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Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (3)

Not for intense sportReview by CrossFitter
I got this because to help with dust allergies at the gym. I was skeptical that I would be able to breathe well enough during intense activity, which is basically what CrossFit is all about. It started out ok, definitely inhibiting my breathing some, but not that bad. However, once the mask got sweaty, it started sticking to my face and the pores through which I was trying to breathe became clogged I guess with sweat. I had to take the mask off or not continue the workout. I won't be wearing it again for that purpose. Probably just use it for cleaning around the house. (Posted on 3/9/2019)
A Great ProductReview by MaxG
These Mu2 masks are basically the same with different colors and printed patterns to appeal to personal aesthetics.

One review say "it just does not wear well" and I assumed that means it does not "fit" facial contours very well and that review goes on to describe issues with the fit around the bridge of the nose and problems with wearing the mask with glasses.

But I had none of those issues. I bought the large and I found it is comfortable, it fits well, is easy to use and works well.

I have a full beard and wear reading glasses when I do wood working. The rubber mask construction with velcro closure pulls the mask snug to my face and prevents dust from coming in around the sides like the cheap paper masks and some other kinds of masks. The small metal piece at the nose bridge can be shaped for individual fit and it is a little bit tricky with eyeglasses but no big deal.

Before buying this, I used an industrial-style rubber 2-filter dust mask with an outflow valve. It worked well but was difficult to put on and take off and made breathing difficult, especially when doing physical activities like raking leaves. It also smelled like rubber. I still use that mask for vapors like spray paint. But for all "dust" situations, I find the Mu2 works very well

I rated the "Price" at 4 stars only because this costs considerably more than my industrial mask. Although, when you consider the aded comfort and the fact it is easily washed, it is still a very good price. (Posted on 12/20/2018)
Not a good fit.Review by culbles
Not real pleased with this product. The quality and workmanship of the product look very good and the fact that it is washable and reusable makes it look like a great product. But it just does not wear well. It is too thick at the nose area and will not fit under glasses well. That means it sags on the nose. The strap tends to pull the mask down off of the bridge of the nose. Besides being uncomfortable when the mask rests on the nostrils it blocks them restricting air flow. To be a "sport" mask air flow through the nostrils can not be restricted to be effective. I ordered the "large" but it seems too small and does not fit under the chin well so air will enter from the bottom of the mask which defeats the purpose of the mask. I also ordered the QMask at the same time and it works great and so much better than this sport mask. (Posted on 3/8/2018)

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