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Allergy Resource Center

Allergist - Roth Allergy Care
Looking for an Allergist in Lynbrook, NY? Dr. Lisa Roth, MD is board certified in allergy and immunology specializing in the treatment of allergy, asthma, sinus and skin conditions. view more»
What Can I Do to Control My Cat Allergies
We have several cats but we know that cat allergies can be very serious for many people. view more»
Natural Remedies for Hay Fever
First of all, what is hay fever?Hay fever, also known as allergy to plant pollen, is a common immune system condition that affects over 40 million people all over the world. view more»
Can You Out Grow Asthma
Fact or Fiction. Can you outgrow asthma? Many asthmatics and parents of asthma sufferers have asked this question. view more»
What is HEPA Filtration
What is HEPA? HEPA is an acronym for “High Efficiency Particulate Arresting” or “High Efficiency Particulate Air” view more»
How to Get Rid Of Allergens in Your Laundry
Coming in number four on our list of Top 5 Allergy Control Products are products to remove allergens from your laundry.Even if all of your bedding is zipped up tight with allergy proof encasements, you still need to wash your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. view more»
Are Allergies Hurting Your Sex Life
Do you let allergies get in the way of a satisfying love life? If you answered “Yes”, you are not alone. view more»
Allergy Control Program
This “program” is your guide to controlling your allergies. It may need adjusting from time to time, but you should always have an allergy control program in place view more»
How to Deal With Pets & Seasonal Shedding
If you have allergies, you probably associate springtime with pollen. However, that is not the only allergen in the air! view more»
How Long Before Allergy Shots Start Working
Thinking about getting allergy shots and wonder how long it takes before they start working. Some may experience decreased allergy symptoms during the build-up phase. For others, it may take as long as 12 months on the maintenance dose. view more»

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