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Allergy Resource Center

Got Bedbugs - Now What Do You Do
How do you get bed bugs? It’s not as straightforward an answer as you might think. People tend to assume that bed bugs result from a poorly maintained home or shabby living conditions, but that’s actually not true. view more»
Love Your Pet, Not Your Pet Allergies
Pets are great not to mention they are a whole lot easier to take care of than children. Just kidding! Question is what do you do if you happen to be allergic to them. view more»
What are the Best Dogs for People With Allergies
Though no specific breed is known to be entirely safe for allergy sufferers, there are certain dog breeds considered to be hypoallergenic and do not cause problems for people suffering from dog allergies. view more»
Make Sure Your Dust Mite Allergy is Covered with Protective Bedding
Got Allergies? We have you covered. Allergy bedding comes in a variety of fabrics and sizes, all of which are effective at controlling not only dust mites but pet dander, pollen, bed bugs and other airborne allergens as well. view more»
Living With Cat Dander Allergies
Do you have cats and allergies. You are not alone. It has been estimated that over seventy percent of homes have at least one pet, and also that one in ten adults suffers from dog or cat dander allergies. A great many of allergic people still do have pets in their home. view more»
What Is Contact Dermatitis
You call it a rash. Your doctor calls it dermatitis. Either way, your skin gets red and tender after you've touched something. It could be caused by an allergy, or because the protective layer of your skin got damaged. view more»
How to Neutralize Refrigerator Odors For Good
One question we often get asked is " What do you have that gets rid of the odors in my fridge?" view more»
Are Allergies Inherited and Passed from Generation to Generation
Almost everyone will suffer from allergy at some point in their lives. The question often asked is " Are my allergies Inherited" view more»
HEPA Air Cleaners are Important
If you have asthma or allergy symptoms, an HEPA air filter or room air cleaner can help you to breathe better. Also good for people with COPD (emphysema or chronic bronchitis). view more»

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