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Where Does All The Dust In Your House Come From
We’ve all been there. You dust all the furniture and a few days later it’s covered in dust again. You glance toward a window on a sunny day and see particles, floating freely in the air. Where does all the dust in your house come from? Believe it or not, it comes from you, your stuff, the other inhabitants of your house (invited and uninvited) and the outside. view more»
What are the Differences Between De-Mite Additive and Allersearch Allergen Wash
For years, doctors have recommended that people with allergies wash their bed linens weekly in hot water to remove household allergens such as dust mites.Unfortunately, “hot” water means water that is 140°F or higher. In most cases this is a temperature cannot be had at home with residential water heaters. Now what? view more»
Will an air purifier really help your allergies?
These days you can walk into almost any store and see some sort of air purifier for sale. There are big ones that look like industrial machines, high-tech ones with lights and digital displays, and little ones to wear around your neck. And the claims they make! They slice, they dice, they play FM radio! Well, okay the last part is made up but you get the idea. view more»
How Do You Prevent Dust Mites
In The Art of War, Sun Tzu advises “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Well, you know you are allergic to dust mites, so you know yourself. That’s half the battle. Now you must know your enemy, the dust mite. view more»
The Art of Staying Warm – A Winter Bedding Primer
Cold upon us. There’s no doubt that winter is heading your. Awake or asleep, staying warm is a priority. When it comes to winter bedding, the options can be bewildering. Here’s your primer on winter bedding materials. view more»
Can Acupuncture Help with Allergies?
People with allergies seek relief in any manner they can find it. From traditional treatment with antihistamines and immunotherapy to neti pots and acupuncture. Does acupuncture really help with allergies? It may, but not the way you might expect. view more»
Getting Rid of Cat Urine Odors is Easier Than You Think

How to get rid of cat urine odors is a question that has plagued cat owners for years. We know first hand. Several years ago when our daughter, and her cat, moved back home for a while our cats decided they need to mark everything one way or another. What a mess.

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How to Measure a Mattress for a Mattress Cover (and Get it Right)
Most people know what size bed they have. Well, that is most people. What really tricks people up is the depth of the mattress. Learn how to measure a mattress for a mattress cover. view more»
What are the Best Cat Breeds for People with Pet Allergies

Are you a cat lover who also suffers from pet allergy? There are certain breeds of cats that you may be able take home. These cat breeds are considered hypoallergenic (no such thing!) and are known to rarely trigger allergy attacks.

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Can you be allergic to cats and not dogs?
The United States is going to the dogs. Cats too. According to the American Pet Products Association, there are about 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats living in homes in the US. But can you be allergic to one and not the other? Is it possible to be allergic to dogs and live in a house filled with cats? view more»
Can Allergies Cause Headaches
Not all allergy sufferers have frequent headaches, but many do. Over the years, a number of scientific studies have shown a link between allergies and headaches. view more»
5 Formas muy Eficaces de Eliminar los Ácaros del Polvo en tu Hogar
Aquí te traemos 5 maneras realmente efectivas de deshacerte de estos pequeños intrusos y un método infalible para prevenir su aparición. No recomendamos algunos de ellos, ¡pero todos funcionan a la perfección! view more»
5 Highly Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dust Mites
Here are 5 highly effective ways to get rid of dust mites and their allergens as well as a few that we don’t really recommend, but they will work. view more»
Allergy Bedding is Step 1 in Fighting Dust Mite Allergies
After finding out you suffer from allergies it’s important that you don’t let this problem overwhelm you. The first step in keeping your allergies under control is by covering your bed, pillows and box spring with dust mite proof allergy bedding. view more»
Bed Bugs in College Housing Can Be a Big Problem

Bed bug infestations have had major resurgence in the recent years, mostly because of more people are traveling and moving around more. It comes as no surprise, then, that college dorms and apartments can become a hotbed of bed bug activity.

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How Accurate are Allergy Tests
While allergy tests are recommended as the only sure way to isolate individual triggers and successfully treat symptoms, there is some question about just how accurate these tests really are. view more»
A Guide to Allergy Elimination
Allergies affect over 50 million people in the United States. Allergy and asthma account for over 10 million office visit per year. So you see, if you suffer from allergies, you are not alone. view more»
The Problem With Bottled Water
Americans spend more than $10,000 a minute for something that is readily available for free: water. Why do we shell out from 240 to over 10,000 times more per gallon for bottled water than we do for tap water? Perhaps we've given in to the marketing and advertising hype that bottled water comes from pristine springs and lakes. view more»
Allergy Travel Tips. Don't Let Them Stop You!
Don't let them stop you! The summer vacation season is here, it is time to start thinking about ways to allergy proof your vacation. Amid your dreams of relaxation and family fun, don’t let memories be tainted by frustrating allergic reactions and trips to the drug store or worse, the hospital. view more»
Spray Away Your Allergies Today
Spray Away Your Allergies Today
Recently we made a list of the top five most important allergy relief products, allergy control sprays topped the list. Read more to find out why. view more»
What is the Best Air Cleaner

If you have allergies or asthma or are just desire improved indoor air quality, then you have probably considered the purchase of an air cleaner. There are so many makes and models on the market choosing one can be overwhelming. Many people give up the search because it is just too confusing.  We hope to educate you so that when it comes time to buy a HEPA air cleaner, you will make the right choice.

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Dummies’ Guide to Nasal Irrigation for Pollen
Step by Step Guide for Nasal Irrigation for Pollen, Dust and Other Allergens. This is what you’re here for; the fool-proof, step by step guide. We promised; we deliver! view more»
Best Dust and Pollen Masks
Regardless of the season, if you have seasonal allergies you can reduce exposure throughout the year by wearing one of these pollen masks while working, exercising, or just enjoying the outdoors. view more»
Spring Allergy Cleaning - Tackle the Bedrooms First

First things first. If you are going to do that annual deep clean, the most important rooms in the house are the bedrooms. Because bedrooms have so many fiber surfaces they really collect dust and other household allergens. So, it is important to give them a good clean, but you have to be careful how and when you do it.

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Steam vs. Chemical - What’s The Best Way To Clean Carpeting

Several times a week we are asked " What is the best way to clean carpets" Steam vs Chemical. There are many proponents and critics of each method.

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